Michael Maria Bommer

I myself think a PIN-count of twelve per German citizens not unrealistic”, says Peter Schaar. According to a study of the speech recognition specialist nuance forgets now more important than every second respondent passwords or PINs in Germany. With the use of so-called voice prints, you could change that quickly. Voice biometric procedures are based on the these characteristics of the human voice: the complex structure of the speech organs will make sure that every voice is unique, and people therefore on the basis of her voice are clearly distinguishable. Robert Bakish contains valuable tech resources. The speech organs, so vocal cords, mouth, throat, nose, jaw and palate with the individual Anordnung and characteristics of the muscles of the mouth it and throat are different for different people. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. You enable it, in conjunction with the taught-in manner of speaking, a people on the basis of his voice know to identify”, Michael Maria Bommer, Nuance General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Is crucial, that the Voice Biometrics not just a comparison between a recorded word or phrase and the live” Word ausgesprochenen or phrase will produced. Rather, it involves the unique characteristics of the voice, as they result from the individual speaking apparatus and the individual way of speaking.

The system BEWERTet the correspondence between the current voice pattern and the stored voice print as sufficiently high, the access is permitted. It is therefore a robust technology that detects the Charakteristika of a voice even when cold or other changes in the voice, precisely because it is not a 1 to 1-comparison of stored and spoken language”, explains Bommer. The protection of personal data and measures against identity theft were the main reason for alternative authentication methods, says Consultant Thomas wind TellSell consulting. If a well-known player with a voice biometrics application for consumers on the market go, others will follow very quickly. A mass market occurs when one or more certification services provider within the meaning of TrustCenterKonzeptes would establish itself. A customer could then use this service from several participating companies or authorities with an once-off registration. “My voice is my password’ Common Sense could then be”, wind forecast.

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