Knights Templar

After reviewing the events, there is every evidence to believe that Bernard of Clairvaux share knowledge of the enigmatic Knights Templar, as has been clearly established its link with the Knights Templar, which would not be confined to its promoter. A common point between the Order of the Temple and St. Bernard of Clairvaux, of great importance to better understand the link between the two parties would be the construction of many temples, cathedrals and abbeys, all dedicated to "Our Lady", a somewhat ambiguous invocation, according to several authors, in fact be referring to Mary Magdalene. But what we can find evidence of this? Despite the apparent devotion to the Virgin Mary, which arose in the various cathedrals Templar, the truth is that almost all of them, always appeared the figure of Mary Magdalene in a conspicuous place showing at all times a special effort to highlight the importance of home Mary Magdalene, as did Bernard of Clairvaux himself in his speeches to the Cistercian monks, the Knights Templar or the "Sons of Solomon," a brotherhood of masons responsible for the construction of Gothic cathedrals, which demanded the greatest respect for the House of Bethany, the home of Martha and Mary. Another significant finding, we would find when Bernard of Clairvaux makes the call on the Second Crusade, from the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Vezelay, in terms that could give the impression that it was symbolically reclaiming the land that would otherwise time, would have corresponded to the sacred lineage of Mary Magdalene, adding to that, the fact that the remains of the saint, were allegedly kept in the temple, it would not be until 1279 that , Carlos II of Anjou, "discovered" the remains of Mary Magdalene in the crypt of Saint Maximin.

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