Great Campina

Soon, with the capital accumulated in the commerce, Great Campina decided to invest in the industrial activity having appeared in its outskirts a park manufacter and a great Polar region Technological, today promising of progress of the interior northeastern, for all Brazil and the world in the production of softwares. In this way, understanding that the economic action in the social space is contained in the geographic space, created originally for the nature and transforming continuously the spaces of production for the social relations. Where, Great Campina if detaches in the economic scene northeastern, as one of the industrialized cities more and northeast average transport. The city assuming a paper of mercantile hegemonic center in the State of the Paraba, and north-eastern, consolidating themselves as a center intermediary-deliverer of the happened products southeastern. Recognizing the Great Campina of the current days, that if technician-cientco-informacional inserts in a way, attracting objects and characteristic actions of this way, which if makes gifts in the urban space, but that at the same time he coexists and if they oppose to objects and the past actions, conferring the city a singular character in way to homogeneizadora trend of the globalization. CONCLUSION Ahead of this context, recognizes the importance of the wasteland, although its intense found basic economic activities in this sub-region that understands the great developed sufficient commercial and industrial complexes throughout centuries since the beginning of its settling. For the search incessant and suffered from a people marked for the half-barren, devoid climate of immediate resources for a worthy survival in fighting the persistent idea of it dries that it is correlated to low the productivity. Thus being, the wasteland if is similar to the hinterland and constitutes in an area where the pressure on the land is sufficiently strong and with many cultural differences in virtue of the demographic densities and the agrarian structure, that tends for the minifndio provoking to the existence of many farms of cattle.

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