Assembly Paternoster

The storage is the oldest and simplest form of storage of the goods is placed in their original packaging, sacks, barrels or boxes on the floor. The arrangement of the packaging is done in rows or blocks. Disadvantage is the large time resulting from this form of storage. Is required a stored object located far back or at the bottom, all other goods must be re-classified once. Also in this way is a system of storage that is difficult to implement and which items needed are hard to find. Often, it is beneficial to sort the new goods to the rear and the older is forward. This system is a ground storage also with much time spent by the constant shift connected and therefore hardly feasible. An advantage of the ground storage is the low investment costs because no shelves or similar must be purchased or serviced.

Silo storage is filled by bulk material such as sand, grain, gravel or cattle feed from above. The is then often taken through an opening that is attached below. Thus, an economic principle of storage is achieved as the first filled goods first is taken. A storage exceeds the durability, is thereby avoided. A very common type of storage is the storage of shelf. A very good use of space, especially in the height, takes place in a warehouse stocked with shelves. The goods can be organized well and are easily accessible and searchable. Exist depending on the shape and size of the stock, to meet every business need the different types of shelving: shelving rack: static storage, shelf with several inlaid shelves, uniform load distribution, labelling of goods clearly possible (E.g. Bookshelf) Pallet rack or heavy load shelving: static storage, pallets of storage of especially heavy goods cross braces between the uprights, accessibility, low flexibility, equipped only with truck possible range or drawer shelf: static storage, storage of small parts in small quantities in most transparent drawers cassettes or honeycomb rack: static storage, storage of long objects such as wooden beams, metal rods, tubes; good overview of structure and easy Assembly Paternoster shelves: dynamic storage, automatic carriage of the goods to the warehouse, shorter commutes, high investment and maintenance costs, low flexibility (E.g.

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