Software GmbH Noxum

Noxum layout editor with Adobe InDesign already in use the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, customer was integration with their Noxum layout editor Adobe award 2009 nominated for innovation and came with three other candidates on the shortlist. First was congratulates concept iX Software GmbH Noxum the winner. An exquisite pair layout editor and the creativity of the editors which binds Noxum layout editor Adobe product InDesign and sheet wise planning and collection of media assets and structured content for print products like E.g. brochures, document content to XML content components without prior knowledge of XML is suitable for the visually-led takeover of InDesign flyers or catalogs visually guided test the finalized InDesign documents content changes in text and graphic marketing departments, technical editors and publishers can with the layout editor process safety and cost savings when creating their marketing documents, technical documentation or Access publications by Publisher. In customer use – the layout editor to franc solar the Noxum GmbH, the FR-franc solar GmbH has equipped with a PIM and Catalog System. So the specialist for the sales of solar power systems collects product data for the publication of tables in data sheets and product catalogues in its marketing and sales department. The Noxum layout editor is used. Through the Adobe Partner Award since the year 2006 writes Adobe Systems a competition for Adobe solution partners from. The competition 2009 innovation was awarded in the category and was aimed at the value added reseller and system integrators by Adobe in the area of media and publishing.

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