Innovation Prize Land

Kimichs call is: “women, announced Facts. Perhaps check out Byron Trott for more information. Shows you and your services, take responsibility and become visible.” In this form the visibility does not much hot air and little tangible behind it but, that’s why the steam chat, that women clearly present their personal share of project success, corporate profits or new customer advertising and sale to the outside. Marketing in their own right is career critical. The ‘industrious bee syndrome’ alone not cause long-term success”, white bird. And the salary expert Kimich advises: when they present what, what projects they scream loud in here or willingly allow you watch your male colleagues,.

The latter usually projects with little visibility are more industrious bee work, but.” About Melanie Vogel Melanie Vogel, Managing Director of AoN’s agency without name GmbH. As initiator of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, she became AoN 2012 with the Innovation Prize Land of ideas”award. Under the auspices of Federal Labour Minister of the Leyen, went the women & work on May 5 in the second round. 85 Top companies, more than 40 career consultants, networks and initiatives, as well as a top-ranking Conference programme attracted 6,000 women from the entire Federal territory after Bonn. The next women & work held in Bonn on May 18, 2013. about Claudia Kimich Claudia Kimich is free trainer and systemic coach for sales, price negotiation, customer orientation, presentation, and conflict management.

In the one on one coaching helps equity marketing, self management, targeting and reorientation as well as salary, fee and price negotiations. Their success lies in their professional and authentic way, spiced with creativity and clearly structured and straightforward approach. With her, not a minute is wasted which diploma computer scientist comes immediately to the point. Her book “negotiate for money” has been published in September 2010 at the Beck Verlag. Who wants to live Claudia Kimich, has on the 8. June 2903 on the women & work the way.

Employee Retention Service

“” With a new employee retention service “supports the Xeratos consultancy from Gross-Bieberau at Darmstadt in doing their clients in the war for talent” to exist. Mutatis mutandis translation especially for innovative and knowledge-intensive companies, medium-sized, the battle for the best employees is, as it was for talent”can be the most critical factor for the success of the company. He war for talents”dramatically illustrates the fact that good and committed employees are the most important and at the same time scarcest resource in these companies. Globalization and consolidation effects often more felt than in corporations are also in such medium-sized companies. In addition, that large enterprises in the framework of its active recruitment activities increasingly approach staff from the middle class.

“With the employee retention service” Xeratos offers a service that contributes to the significant improvement in employee retention and motivation among the following scenarios: “Support in the development of personality development individual retention team picture at the end measures advice from executives creating a neutral conversation environment developing tactical and strategic measures for the Rentention management the implementation of employee retention service” is as individual as the situation. Include primarily focus on: conflict management, leadership, career advice, Burnout prevention, support of change processes. Our experiences show that employee retention significantly improved by the individual care and support providers and staff in key positions and the motivation”as Bernd Schuster, Managing Director of Xeratos consulting. He continues: our employee retention in its entirety service is unique, we guarantee our commitments for the success of our services but on the basis of clearly measurable factors and by the liability. These Guarantee will apply when an employee or an employee through internal termination is leaving the company.” Evident that the effect is often overrated by in-house measures for staff retention, therefore, how companies are rated by their employees. These reviews, for example with appropriate portals such as, reflect a different picture often as suggests the self perception of many companies. “To in the war for talent” to successfully compete, the need for action is urgent anyway, as it is perceived by many CEOs and boards of Directors.

AHEAD Director

women & the women was the female side of innovation and progress In the last year shows work & work, Germany’s trade fair Congress for women, by the landmark initiative Germany – land of ideas”for particularly innovative. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mashable. The women & work is a place visible driving a very important future trend,”said Sven Gabor Janszky, trend researchers and Director of 2B of AHEAD think tanks, at the award ceremony in 2012. And this year the trade fair Congress shows its innovative side. “Future management” means the topic and focus are women who achieve what enterprises want: success through innovation. In our country, many women with creative ideas successfully provide innovations in economy, science, culture and politics. Contact information is here: Dermot McCormack. “” Our publication 100 women of tomorrow ‘ we have shown the great female innovation potential for the location Germany 2011 “, says Ariane Derks, Director of the initiative Germany land of ideas”, with its own stand also on the women & work represented will be. “Svenja discussed 100 women of tomorrow with five of these ‘100 women of tomorrow’ allow, senior editor of COSMOPOLITAN in the Panel discussion future as women work world they want to make”. With Naemi Denz, Managing Director of VDMA waste and recycling technology, Department of technology and environment, Rana Abrar, political scientist, co-founder of Deutschplus – are Republic initiative for a plural,”Kerstin Felser, Deutsche Lufthansa AG Director of transport aircraft, Marilyn ham, Sales Director the PowerWind Ltd, founder of ‘Go For Climate’ e.V, co-founder of bettervest GmbH and Julia Heidemann, consultant at McKinsey. In the future will above all the female proportion in management positions continue to grow a positive development that in enterprises and in society is a cultural change and requires a stronger culture of social recognition for the achievements of women,”Derks is safe. Innovation made by women what women can afford is visible also in the Panel discussion “Innovation made by Women”.

New Training Concept

“An investment in knowledge brings are still the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin regardless of economic recovery this year and even though the positive outlook for 2011 investment moves. Investment think most primarily on new machines or buildings. But it is also on a small scale. Despite high-tech manufacturing and modern machines still the human being is an essential part of a company? What is more logical than to invest in staff? Investing in its employees is education. Well trained staff bring a better of quality and more efficiency. (A valuable related resource: Mashable). The cost of such measures are but much lower compared to other investments. Many believe that their employees are so well through years of practical experience that training is not necessary. But this is the key point.

Through the years, the man developed a routine that makes him too careless, and the result is often an operating blindness. Many try to break this up, by external consultants in the House they get. Another possibility is to grant its employees training. So these are confronted with new things and for many it is very stimulating to get out of the everyday life out. DVS system software offers its customers the possibility of making training in small groups since October 2010.

The peculiarity is that the employees from different companies are affiliated to a group. A training day is usually 960,–euros. A group training day in Iserlohn costs per person 250,–EUR. The requirement is that at least 3 persons take part in the training. Courses are offered on the following topics: CAD training for AutoCAD from version 2010 and Bricscad professional version 10 in connection with the DVS module DVSKON (packaging-specific construction AIDS). There are basics and examples from practice on the computer run. Crystal report training version XI. The basics are explained, made adjustments to the program, joining tables carried out and the construction of simple reports.

Personal Message – Michael Waiwai

Michael Wolfle has an active consultant in his Berlin investment firm. The former ProSieben is founder & Chairman Michael Wolfle GmbH as an active consultant of the Management Board in his Berlin investment MenschDanke”entered. MenschDanke uses an active community of over 1.5 million unique visitors with its three Web platforms GutscheinPony bargains Fuchs, my deal monthly, which certifies above-average credibility editorial product reviews, test results and discount notes. MenschDanke GmbH three sides, one goal: make shopping a highlight for every online shoppers attractive coupons and bargains. Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. The MenschDanke GmbH combines three platforms around the topic of saving since 2012:, and. Due to the high quality demands has managed the company, to reach more than 1.5 million users and to win numerous renowned cooperation partners such as eBay, Zalando or image. Bargain Fox is a 2007 based weblog, which offers the user current bargains, promotions and coupons.

The quality of the offerings is in the foreground. Experienced editors do the research work with the utmost care and provide the readers a qualified assessment of the product. It aims to find the truth behind promising advertising. Only the real bargains make it on the page. A recipe for success, which is well accepted by the users: in January 2008, there were around 2,500 visitors, so the number five years rose to 636.317 visitors (comparison month January 2013). Editorial articles provide a certain entertainment factor, making the Browse on the Web page as a leisure activity is perceived. GutscheinPony GutscheinPony is an online portal for coupon codes, discounts and bargains. Free and without registration of users in over 2,000 online stores saves money through use of the codes.

The codes will be displayed immediately and can be solved directly. The portal is characterized by the timeliness and Functionality of the coupons out. Our editorial team brings a smile to the lips users through daily research and careful consideration of the codes. My deal short, carefully researched articles provide the user a wide range of current deals. The weblog scores with its users primarily through interactivity: support chat, questions are answered by editors in real time. The combination of the best offers and direct communication among users since its Foundation successfully assumed not only on the Web page, but also on Smartphones. The app is the most successful in the area of bargains with over 700,000 downloads.

Freelancer Boom Despite Crisis

Or emergency is just ingenious? Maybe you should just get it to the point: the crisis strengthens the liberal professions. It is not inventive. Self reflection on his ability as a withdrawal from the job of poverty. While the German Economics Ministry in a report that brags, “even the crisis couldn’t stop the significant and continuous increase of freelance workers,…”, those affected can only loving smile. 1.2 Million professionals. That’s a good reason. Even uncritically questioned, you quickly come to an assumption, why there has been this huge increase in micro-businesses in the past few years. It could be simply the lack of employment, especially in social, cultural and art professions be? While so the Ministry hypocritically knocks Schulterchen is on, the small entrepreneur oddness ran correctly.

He does what he can, saying honestly, and reflects on his talent. This is most likely in the creative sector, also neatly blends in fashion and home with, this weighs the attention to detail. If you would like to know more about Peter Asaro, then click here. Handmade, homemade, cobbled and diligently built is created, designed, stapled and hammered, up-gecycled and recycled, gehipstert and so on. Sewing machines to the bet rushing behind German apartment doors, eager to set and put on the market the new products in the own online shops for, Etsy, DWanda. Of the three mentioned online shopping platforms for creative, particularly as the best anti-crisis means turns out: the social shopping community offers worldwide a completely free system of sales and marketing for individual entrepreneurs compared to Etsy and DWanda. Very heavily is online showrooms use the creative platform with their free krisengschwachten countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain and even Italy. Only three languages started in February English, german and Spanish – in a gradual relaunch goes now with the next three languages on the Web: English, Italian, Polish and French. Up to the end of the year targeted also Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

A sign of the high demand for creative worldwide, that such offers as of want to be used. So much German economic survey love to the rise of freelancers despite crisis. Freelancers due to crisis. But that is a good thing. Finally, fertilized one to themselves and each other, believes in himself and his strengths and manages with the help of innovative start-ups for the creative scene, how it currently represents, its road to independence. PS: International freelancers, designers, small business owners of whatsoever can dare risk-free, a startup in the online business without any financial expenses with More on