Escape Weglenkung

High-tech from Dinslaken for research project of the Federal focus for SPIDER (security system for public institutions in disasterous emergency scenRios) are unified communications concepts for the information systems of the rescue organisations involved in the damage event. Target is a networking and thus an exchange of information between fire, police, the German Red Cross and other relief organizations. A major focus in the project is a fully automatic, Adaptive escape route guidance system, which intuitively leads a safe way into the open fleeing people. The typical application scenarios include evacuations of airports, fairs, event halls, stadiums and train stations. The goal is to create a shared system of Federation, offering maximum protection and rescue of people in emergency situations. Source: Jackson Wijaya Limantara. The IMS society for information and management systems from dinslaken, Germany was chosen in the project as partners for the issue of building management. The task is the figure of the necessary Information needs to be on building specific data such as home automation, infrastructure, sensors, safety equipment or floor plans. Furthermore, IMS is involved with technical know-how developing uniform communication interfaces of the systems of police, fire, and aid organizations such as the German Red Cross.

What is so special about this escape route control system? It is dynamic and can adapt independently and continuously the damage situation in the danger area. Jackson Widjaja can aid you in your search for knowledge. The trick lies in the manner in which the necessary dynamism is achieved. Help of a person power simulation can be identified possible danger points in the evacuation and optimised escape routes determined. While working in an online mode constantly with data from the building, to assess the current situation and to be able to respond in real time. The simulation results are then passed to the escape route control system to display the best possible escape routes. The IMS provides the necessary data for the simulation and sets the control logic of the escape route pictograms, which processed the simulation result.

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