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How to recognize agencies and where can I find the right where there is money, there are always black sheep. Potential models are suspended to go with his eyes wide open and ingenuity through the world. How to recognize a rogue agencies? Often they call casting – agencies, invite candidates to mass, while reputable agencies have their own model Scouts, who are looking for new faces on the street. If a photographer every minute makes photos of hundreds of applicants, you can imagine already what quality has the whole. Mass auditions, for example in hotels, should be avoided.

Rogue agencies allow applicants to pay so-called shoots. Attention: Anyone who wants to only money is frivolous! Be careful also when high membership fees for so-called model clubs. Expensive seminars help virtually nothing. Rogue agencies promise that collect money but want to blue from the sky. Also the claim of pulling out”is frivolous. So it’s going to reputable agencies! Cost professional photos of course money, about 300 and making a sed card costs around 200. These costs will be charged but the first orders. In other words, models pay with their work.

The Agency invested in the models and gives them jobs that they can cover the costs. Also Testshootings may cost nothing. What is a test shoot? It’s to see how it looks in photos. Models are loved by the camera”, that is to say, they are photogenic. You can see that only on the photos. Professional make-up, make-up the models and preparing for the photos come to the test shoot. A few models are invited to arise already first photos for the SED card. An agency decided to build a new face to the professional model girl, more shootings are made to complete the SED-card. Then begins the model everyday, but never a day will resemble the other. Habib models is recommended, it is important that the models are well prepared, and learn what is expected of them before. Report models is every day at your agency, so no job escapes them. Girls can come to the shoot totally unadorned and ungestylt, but nevertheless always maintained. So: Hair wash, shave armpits and legs, hands and skin tip top. Basic equipment of the models, which is always: hair brush, hair, makeup, moisturizer, nail file, Deo, flesh-coloured underwear and tights. Be always on time! bewerbung(at)

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