Today's job seekers feel as shoppers in the store with a huge assortment of goods. So increasingly they come for an interview out of curiosity, just to "try on" a job, not planning to change work. Many people, sitting in a company, a long time to have doubts about their choice. They want to compare its current position that "would be" to make sure that they were offered decent working conditions and compensation, and check on the existing attractive on the labor market supply, as it seems at first glance. John K. Castle may not feel the same. Sometimes candidates use the interview as an opportunity to identify their strengths, identify prospects for professional growth, to decide in what direction they should develop. Recruiters believe that the majority of candidates participating in the interview without seeking to change jobs, simply want to find arguments for bargaining with the employer on his own salary and career advancement. Some thus satisfy their vanity, search support of its demand as a specialist.

This is typical, especially for middle managers, because the young staff to walk on interviews usually have no time, and top managers no longer need determining their own prices and the "fallback". Sometimes you explore the market the rare specialists wishing to keep abreast of changes and trends in the job market of their industry. Other leaders such as Mashable offer similar insights. And, despite the fact that at first glance such "Barren" interviews are a loss of valuable time for candidates and recruiters, many recruiters believe that such "training" interviews are useful to both parties. "Driving" the interview may be an opportunity to establish business connections, make new contacts with professionals to improve your interview skills, to analyze their behavior, strengths and weaknesses. John K. Castle is likely to increase your knowledge. However, it should be taken to such an appointment is not less responsible than the "real." It is not necessary to go to the interview only out of curiosity. Insufficiently serious about the interview, resulting in the inability to clearly formulate their goals, to express their wishes and characterize itself as a specialist, can permanently damage your image in the eyes of a potential employer or business partner.

"False seekers" are often confused, trying to explain his "legend", ie the causes and motives that prompted them to seek new employment. Experienced recruiters feel the insincerity and realize the true purpose of the candidate. As a result, there is a danger to get to "Black list of candidates", so your resume will be rejected not the first stage of selection. At the interview is difficult to obtain information about the staffing market in the area of interest, because the recruiter is usually configured only discuss the requirements for a particular vacancy. Therefore more efficient to keep track of information on various Internet resources, and media. If you need to "work out" and try to stress situation, it is best to visit a training or consultation with a professional recruiter.

DRAM Embedded

Steckerlose, high capacitive microSSD for the next generation of ultra-thin devices Taipei, Taiwan – iNNODISK, developer and manufacturer of SSDs for commercial and industrial use, presents the industry’s first embedded SATA drive to the SATA SSD standards; the nanoSSD. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. Succeeded through the integration of controller chips, Flash memory and the components for the energy supply in a BGA form, to reduce the size of nanoSSD iNNODISK on only about one percent of the size of a 2.5-inch SSD. With a size of 16 x 20 x 2 mm (WxDxH), weighing in at only 1.5 grams, support for SATA III, capacities of four up to 64 GB and compatibility to x 86 and ARM, can be used nanoSSDs in a wide field of applications, which are a small size and high transfer rates of vital importance. Including industrial mobile devices, embedded systems, high-quality Smartphone and Ultrabooks. Innodisks nanoSSD offers by the integration of the DRAM in the BGA not only the advantages of incredibly small design, but also a fast read and write speeds of 480, respectively, 175 MB / s. Whether on the startup, data storage or data backup; the nanoSSD can significantly increase the overall performance of the system. The predictions of TrendForce for the year 2013 according to the need for embedded memory solutions, such as eMMCs and SSDs, will increase clearly.

The demand for NAND Flash memory is therefore up to 47.6 percent lay to, with the eMMC – and SSD solutions with up to 15 percent are to contribute to the growth. The embedded storage solution developed for smartphones eMMC has become one of the most frequently chosen options for many ultra thin mobile devices, but by the performance limitation they are used especially in entry-level models. For high end solutions, such as, for example, Ultrabooks, the SATA interface remains the best choice. Designed in accordance with JEDEC standards ‘MO-276’ for microSSDs with SATA connector, which is nanoSSD a single-chip SATA solution, which provides allows easy implementation in the design process.

Electricity Consumers

Here, the most attractive factor is the price of the equipment. But if you carefully weigh all you realize that the cost of electricity consumed will be enormous. K example to heat fully one-bedroom apartment will need 3-4 kW per hour. Easy to calculate what it will result in heat during the month. And the electricity network flats just are not designed for this load. Infrared heaters, such as UFO, infrared wall panels, etc. The difference between the equipment and heaters only heat in the process of delivery. Heaters directly heats the air in the room infrared heater warms the light on means of objects in the room, which in turn warm the same air.

The cost of this equipment is somewhat higher than the heaters, but negative factors are the same. -Electric floor heating. Here, higher capital expenditure mainly due to the construction cost for installation, but also the degree of comfort at a higher level. Unfortunately, these systems do not can generate more heat than the electricity consumed. Therefore, are no less extravagant than the previous two, although it has the right to live as a local heating system of periodic action, such as warm sex in the bathroom. -Conditioners (split system). Virtually all modern systems, integrated function of the heat pump, which allows the system not only for cooling but also for space heating. Long deterrent to such intended use of air conditioners was the inability of systems to work on heating at low outdoor temperatures, as heaters can use them in the offseason, but nothing more.

Fortunately, technology is not standing still and appeared on the market today with the inverter model can be used as a full-conditioner heater when the outdoor temperature -15 … -25 C (in Depending on the model). But the main advantage of air conditioners is a tremendous cost. One kilowatt of electricity consumed by air conditioning produces 3.5 kW of heat. This is due to the fact that air conditioning is not directly converts electrical energy into heat, but with the help of electrical energy supplies the heat diffused in the outdoor air in the room. In fact it is possible to achieve energy efficiency in the 300-500% depending on the conditioner models and environments. The cost of a good air conditioner can be quite high in comparison with other heating appliances, but the operational efficiency of more than pay for it soon. Other advantages of using an inverter air conditioner as a heating device may include the following: – electricity consumption on average 30% lower than that of conventional split-system. -Time and costs installation of equipment is minimal (installation of a system by an average of 4 hours). See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. -Installation of the systems, does not require any permits and approvals from the authorities and the technical supervision of public utilities. -Smooth control and accurately maintaining the desired temperature in the room. System with an inverter have low starting currents. Vyshibanie congestion and failure of other electrical appliances during power-split systems are excluded. -You can not forget that the inverter split system is also a full-conditioner in summer, which, in essence, making it a means of maintaining year-round comfort parameters of microclimate in the house.

Minimalist Techno

Minimal Techno – it's just as simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. It's techno with a small amount of different noises. this sub-genre of techno music inimalistichesky characterized atonality, ascetic, deliberately simplified scales and melodies. In general, at the moment is the most relevant and popular style of club destinations. Minimal – it's extremely simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. This is Techno with a small amount of different noises. From the perspective of literary descriptions Minimal Techno is not a special interest, as this can be done with one sentence. However, with musical point of view, this style is very interesting and original because of maximum simplicity, minimal.

This can be compared with the simplicity of a string quartet with respect to the large symphony orchestra (although in this case After all, what do quartets, is no less interesting). When House and Techno for the first time appeared in the world music party in the mid-80's, record albums was reduced to a minimum. With further development of arts sampling and programming, the music becomes more multi-layered with professional sound – for some it was moving forward – for others it unnecessary to mix styles. In response to the growing volume of music production of Minimalist Techno leaders have refused almost from all else except the selected drum programming and synth or parties. Detroit musicians such as Jeff Mills and Plastikman headed direction, and later joined by Surgeon, Oliver Ho and Stewart Walker, also privnesshie with them new trends. Minimal – a minimalist Techno. What is minimalism? This expression means the maximum wage.

In other words, minimal means – maximum possible result. Minimal – the music, which few things are mixed, it consists of a small number of components, among which you'll notice the sound of emptiness. But these components are slowly but surely changing, transformed into something completely different than what was in the beginning. Minimal can be very close to Ambient, perhaps contrary to the Noise.

Switzerland Supplements

Colostrum – colostrum as food supplement preparation in recent years has become increasingly popular the use of colostrum products such as colostrum capsules or colostrum juice. Colostrum is the foremilk of mammals. This is a high quality nutritional supplement which ingredients and effects have been scientifically studied. Colostrum supplements enjoy rising popularity, which requires a higher production of actually “rare” and precious colostrum. COLOSTRUM products quality, safety and reliability there are some producers and sellers of colostrum products on the market. The origin of the “raw material” colostrum opaque and the labelling is often incomprehensible. Although also ingredients must be specified precisely to the German medicines Act; a full traceability is often uncertain.

The there processed colostrum comes only from cows from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Republic Services spoke with conviction. In addition, any supply of colostrum is back individually trackable. Also high is the high level of LR cosmetics and food supplements. The colostrum is not pasteurized. See Donald W. Slager for more details and insights. It is handled gently in a unique, patented production process cold. It uses only the surplus milk for the first 12 hours. The content of immunoglobulins is also the highest and therefore most valuable for the people.

LR in addition of preservatives. This prudent production allows is thought of course also on the welfare of calves and cows. Only excess colostrum is used for the production of colostrum products. It remains always enough colostrum for the calf to, so that they can build a strong immune system. COLOSTRUM products as colostrum supplements are supplements used internally as a food supplement. So, a quick and adequate intake by gastric and intestinal mucosa is secured. LR liquid colostrum and colostrum capsules offers to make colostrum easily manageable for everyday use. Liquid colostrum and colostrum capsules are easy and precisely adjusted. To order the products are under: colostrum colostrum .


Management skills and innovativeness to convince Karlsruhe, November 11, 2009? Live – in the among the finalists of the competition of CyberChampions 2009. In the category NewComer convinced the online portal for nursing home and assisted living with high degree of innovation, strong market potential and high quality of the management. The competition is initiated by Cyberforum e.V., one of the largest regional entrepreneurial networks in Germany. Click Don Slager to learn more. Emerging high-tech companies from the advanced technology region Karlsruhe, which set new trends with their ideas and developments are at the Center. Republic Services understood the implications. The winner of the competition will be in the Congress of the trend of net economy”on November 20, 2009 in Karlsruhe announced. Live – in the will in addition to other finalists in the accompanying Congress exhibition the prospects present itself. About living-in IM live – IM is the established online platform for senior and nursing facilities in the German-speaking world. Using a targeted search Prospective customers transparently and independently compare the offers for personal and regional needs.

For home operators is living-in the dar the effective marketing tool to increase the awareness and the presence of their senior facilities in the Internet, to create confidence and to find new residents. Live – in the founded in August 2008 living in the Internet age GmbH, behind which the founder, renowned Internet investors and Vincentz network, the leading specialist publishing house in the senior care industry, is a service.

DPI Traffic

Procera: intelligent infrastructure equipment WAN traffic rules with the intelligent identification of network traffic control and service management of the manufacturer of Procera networks, Inc. introduces traffic management sysob current solutions in the field. Procera currently has the most accurate and fastest available Applikationsidentifikation on the market: entry level 4 Mbps PL5600 PL7600 and PL7620 up to the high-end PL10000 with up to 40 GBit / s throughput. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. Supplemented the product range by the PL1200 statistic server, which summarizes the data for further analysis that go beyond the normal examination. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee. The fully integrated solution allows to “network traffic intelligence” and prevents unpleasant surprises.

With the core product, the appliance PacketLogic by Procera, capable, intelligent WAN traffic and him are through filtering, monitoring, Analysis, individual user prioritization and optimization to handle in ways that the existing capacity can be far better used. This makes the development of DPI, the so called “deep flow inspection” (DFI), the key. Donald Slager wanted to know more. DFI provides an analysis of the data flow in real-time. The resulting maximum precision and accurate control of services such as video and voice. PacketLogic appliances are available in scalable and flexible designs.

Its extensive product portfolio presents Barracuda Networks for comprehensive email protection, Barracuda Networks, provider of Enterprise Spam Firewall solutions for comprehensive email protection, at the sysob booth. The main product that Barracuda Spam Firewall, provides integrated, powerful and easy to use anti-spyware solution already over 50,000 customers all over the world protection from spam and virus emails and has been distinguished several times. The main focus of the fair is the presentation of the message archiver, a powerful, user friendly and cost-effective E-Mail archiving solution that indexed efficiently all emails, kept, increases the operating performance and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Administrators, auditors and end users can recover quickly each E-Mail message that is stored in the mail archive of the company.

Dag Plischke Takes Over Regional Representation For IntraMakler

“” Dag acquires Plischke (WohnWell GmbH) regional representative for the real estate trade association IntrMakler Beverstedt, June 2010 Plischke Dag Managing Director of WohnWell GmbH with the real estate trade association IntrMakler”an agreement of the regional representative for the brand IntrMakler” and German architect “closed and takes over the care of the members in the area of Bremen, Bremerhaven and the districts of Cuxhaven and Osterholz-Scharmbeck. By partnering with the WohnWell GmbH, we continue the strengthening of the sector of community business in the real estate business! “, says the Managing Director of IntrMakler Koch GmbH, Jurgen Engelberth. “The platform box of Immobilisten” ( experts of the real estate (estate agents, architects, managers, banks) may offer free of charge your real estate for Community businesses. 7 / month, you can set objects of others”to market experts. The Business is settled among brokers then usually after the customs of business for Community businesses and achieved Commission equally divided. John K. Castle follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With the services offered by IntrMakler we can consistently further expand our portfolio for the benefit of the customer!”Dag Plischke is pleased with the conclusion of the contract, and gets to participate in all experts of the real estate industry in the network. “” He promises: once you have reached a certain number of members in the region, we will exchange experts under the motto of “regional tables organise”.

To the company IntrMakler Koch GmbH the Intramakler Koch GmbH deals real estate stock market and real estate network real estate wholesale real estate trade association with the 3 core issues. True to the motto: more homes, more customers and more notary appointments is the promotion of the business of community and the optimisation of the real estate portfolio in the foreground. As a networking company Intramakler and Managing Director Jurgen Engelberth with the lodge of wearing “Immobilisten” the status of an official XING Xpert Ambassador group “for the real estate industry. To the company WohnWell GmbH, the WohnWell GmbH was founded in April 2010 by the long-time management consultant Dag Plischke. Dag Plischke is Dipl.-ing. (FH) and certified real estate agent.

The high quality Lodge of the Immobilisten is through the continuous training in the field of real estate, new construction, modernization, energy efficiency and intensive exchange with the economy seniors Wesermunde and broker network”taken into account. More partnerships with brokers of the region, as well as national, leading providers of the real estate industry are planned for the future. The WohnWell GmbH has its business headquarters in Germany in the Southern District of Cuxhaven (Wesermunde). A branch office in Bremen is planned for the near future. All press releases you receive as a download on our website: press/presseinformationen.htm contact: WohnWell GmbH Dag Plischke Tel. + 49 4747 305-323

Augsburg Software

SOS software service branch opened in Sindelfingen Augsburg, 25.07.08: in July 2008, the SOS software service GmbH with its headquarters in Augsburg opened a branch in Sindelfingen. Nine additional staff will take care from there from manufacturers and customers in the sales area. Team headed by Markus Furrier, former Managing Director of maily distribution, support staff of nine in Sindelfingen the distribution business of SOS software service GmbH. The tasks are in the intensive care of the retailers, as well as the extension of the existing portfolio to other manufacturers and their software solutions. With the opening of the branch in Sindelfingen SOS software service takes the years sustained corporate growth into account. SOS software service cooperation with software manufacturers through close cooperation with the respective manufacturers as well as regular product training and certifications, boasts exceptionally high technical and consulting skills.

As a result satisfied customers are increased and long-term Establish business connections. Furthermore, SOS software service with a professional market presence supports the presence of the various software products. The in-house marketing department supports the manufacturer with excellent presentation of the products and regularly conducts marketing campaigns. For software vendors, SOS software service takes over sales in the sales area Germany, Austria, and of Switzerland. Manufacturers cooperate with us because we are experienced over 21 years of experience in the distribution business and know the market. Although we have over 700 manufacturers in the portfolio, each is individually supervised. Ensure the individual product manager. Mr.

Marc Gloning, CEO of SOS software service GmbH explains. The retail market in the focus smooth and fast software procurement at reasonable prices are the be-all and end-all for retailers. To deepen your understanding Steve Wozniak is the source. The in-house warehouse on the site of Augsburg holds standard goods on stock, so that the delivery is particularly high. All other software products are procured within a very short time and delivered. Especially short-term delivery promise license articles and software with electronic delivery. SOS software service is using by a modern merchandise management system able to deliver within a very short time the respective licenses. Regular product training and certifications ensure the high level of consulting the staff. SOS software service supports the specialist in sale and the presales phase to marketing actions and always up to date information. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Donald W Slager. So dealer not only benefit from best purchasing conditions but have a strong partner in the hand, which takes care of the rest also, satisfied customers to gain and maintain. We sell not only the pure product software. With us, the dealers receives extensive consulting, licensing support, marketing information and actions, up-to-date market information, without that he himself must take care of itself. We do the work for him, the he otherwise with sourcing, contract negotiations, seminars and Certifications, etc. would. portrays Mr. Joaquim Moreira dos Santos the value-added distribution concept of SOS software service GmbH. contact: SOS software service GmbH lower Talweg 40, 86179 Augsburg Cynthia Lange Tel: 0821 / 2 57 82 0 SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 21 years successfully on the market, are cared for over 30,000 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers. The care of over 40,000 different items ensures the SOS software service customers at any time easy, cheap and fast procurement of software. Professional processing of orders of any size, shortest delivery times, electronically, include the standard service.

Marketing Premises

While more people from entering the commercial premises, more possibilities will be opened to increase sales. Therefore, the challenge is to implement advertising and promotional strategies to encourage potential clients to take that first step. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for you as an employer to implement some or all of the activities that are listed below: 1 strategy. Flyers design and distributed to potential customers, whether on the street or in his home or Office, flyers that encourage to join its commercial premises. Offer attractive promotions, either include a legend offering something in exchange for the steering wheel, which must be distributed on the outside of the premises, since its aim is getting to him.

You must check that the person will give a flywheel for each potential customer, to avoid discomfort and, at the same time, the waste of resources for your company. 2 Strategy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steve Wozniak. Showcases attractive if you have a shop window that overlooks the street and facilitates the display of products, decorate it in such a way that the customer feels identified with his articles, include texts that describe the benefits or feelings that the customer will have to purchase their products or their services. The design and colors should draw attention. You must upgrade to from time to time since it is one of the factors that most encourage potential customers to enter your commercial property.

3 Strategy. Physical and emotional aspect of seller the first seconds of the potential buyer in the interior of the premises are crucial: you will feel comfortable and well cared, or quite the opposite. In this span, it appreciates and evaluates the following aspects: – cleaning of the premises – the greeting and the kindness of the seller – the desire to sell seller – shape dress seller – how much trust the seller 4 strategies not generated hire clowns to advertise its business unless it is a business where they organize festivals. They will ask and he rang them up funny why not sign up? As for the simple fact that clowns repel potential clients to managing them jokes in bad taste and even more with people who does not sound anything funny. Hiring specialized to publicize your business people are professionals who are preparing for that occasion and give him better his tool which is his voice, how to present your business, product or service which offers warranty and above all the good feeling to give them the best. 5 Strategy. Recommendation system is one of the systems that best results contribute to the growth of sales, good recommendations from existing customers can become potential buyers to their friends. So that it can be handled successfully. Whatever strategy or activity that you perform to achieve that potential customers enter your commercial property, the important thing is to leave to earn them! your competition. If you stay, at times earlier, waiting for customers to enter your competition on their own, with security will not do the same. Eder J.