Swiss Trade Fair Information

SINDEX app – interactive features bring fun the SINDEX app contains all information relevant to the visitor: so informed the app among others through guided tours, opening times, rates and restaurants. A comprehensive exhibitor and product directory provides an overview of the exhibiting companies and their products. Furthermore, relevant data and information about the four shows are, darwin21, and as well as to the completion of the program of the opening symposium in the app. Latest news keep informed the visitors of the fair. Interactive features bring the SINDEX fun fair app contains special communication features with links to Facebook and Twitter. With an account, the user directly from the app can share his experiences on Facebook or Twitter, to show friends what they’re doing.

Also each exhibitor from the app tweeted “. So the exhibition achieved a higher range, they talk about it”makes it as easy as possible. The bookmark Function allows you to store interesting exhibitors in the mySINDEX provided’ Favorites section. In the native iPhone and Android app here selected favorites can be added as many files such as photos, videos, audio, or text messages. So you can hold all impressions in the app. Contacts of those exhibitors who were particularly interesting, can be exported by clicking in the address book of your Smartphone. Features – general information (hours, prices, restaurants, guided tours, etc.

Properly Choose Quality Steel Doors

Have you recently renovated your apartment, cottage or office and now want to choose a door? The Russian market is full of different models of steel doors. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. How to understand this diversity? Which manufacturer is best? What are the nuances of the selection? What is the cost of quality door? The first thing to determine whether there is enough secure a door. Do you need a rugged steel door or you will manage a simple wooden? Metal doors from the manufacturer is much better: they are hard to break in, they better withstand external shocks. It’s believed that John Castle Castle Harlan sees a great future in this idea. For a front door needs heat and sound insulation, so the first thing important to pay attention to this very characteristics of the steel door. The construction of locks installed on doors also performs an important role. Many knowledgeable masters believe are best to have your input metal doors have at least two castle. It is desirable that the locks were of different designs, one of which – the most reliable type of spacing or "crab". Even if you think you can do a simple lock – it is still worth to be safe.

For example, situation can occur when there will be a matter of replacing locks, and then for sure you will not be able to do a lock. Need to choose the manufacturer of metal doors. In today's market there are products with the best companies offering well-known name not only the doors but garage doors. Many customers have long been convinced that domestic companies can not produce quality products, but their model does not inferior to the West. But no matter what the country was not the door manufacturer that you choose – you need to manufacture it had a good reputation and well known.

Large companies and the quality of performance and quality of the material at altitude. They have a high-tech manufacturing base and the ability to perfectly comply with all the technological details of the above products. Reputation of the firm, which is engaged in installation of doors, is also extremely significant. It is no exaggeration to say that it is on the correct execution of the installation depends on the efficient operation of any half of the front door! So good you buy! Reliable door, bought all the above characteristics will serve you well for many years, and will perfectly protect your apartment or office from any surprises.

New York

Those nations wishing to join international markets are open to foreigners willing to build their economic infrastructure, but are demanding a greater share of profits. Unlike what happened in the early days of colonialism, these countries not to be exploited. The approach is now more sophisticated, he says. “It’s as if they were saying: ‘We continue to work with you, but on our terms.” Approach is a way more like the U.S., “says Henisz. “The goal of these countries is play by the same rules as we do.” Henisz says, that there is no specific time in which countries “emerge.” “There is a change happening soon. The forces we’re talking about, and make a different country, are not clearly defined, “he says.

“There is no force in Russia or Brazil that is not also present in the U.S.. It’s simply a question of the impact that these forces are and how the institutions manage the uncertainties of the country. ” Marshall Meyer, Wharton management professor, says that many Chinese cities are apparently as sophisticated as any in Europe or North America, but rural areas of China remain desperately poor. The household income is ten times higher in urban centers coastal cities, like Shanghai, compared with the interior provinces of the country, he noted. “Has China graduated?” Asked Meyer.

“If we look at capital formation and investment in fixed assets, it appears so. If you look at the disposable income of families, the answer will be negative. ” Finally adds us that emerging markets do not seem to be a bad option, with China in the lead. However it is not easy to go directly to these markets, as the information available about Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong or New York is not particularly clear. Under these conditions, possibly the best option for individual investors is to go to managed funds. In these days it is announced that IBM and Lehman Brothers have created a joint fund to invest in the “financial and business transformation of Chinese enterprises.” What is not clear to me the press release that has circulated is whether a fund is open to private investors or an initiative two companies closed. In parallel, IBM and Citigroup are made with 85% of bank Guangdong Development Bank (GDB), another step closer to the market financially. The operation may have some regulatory hurdles as China does not allow more than 25% participation of foreign companies, but this limitation should disappear by the end of the year with the entry of China into the World Trade Organization.

Secret Promotions

Since then, ad agencies agreed to share the concept of ATL (from the English. Above the line – above the line") – advertising on traditional media advertising and BTL (from the English. Below the line – below the line") – the original advertising solution, embodied in the form of promotions, PR-events. The idea of BTL-actions – a set of actions that bring together the product or service with the target audience to gain consumer confidence and increase sales of products advertised. During the BTL-actions important direct individual contact with the client, because the desire to make a purchase increases in personal acquaintance with the virtues and qualities of goods. The success of an advertising agency depends on proper planning promotions, to clearly define the target audience, great-looking promotional campaigns and training for the action. BTL-activities of the purpose of promotion includes mandatory steps: Analysis market, the definition of the target audience, the most successful venues for events and the development of specific promotional offers; selection of technology bringing a promotional offer to a targeted audience; training props, conducive to easy memorization of the image of the advertised object; Formation and training of a promotional team.

95% success BTL-actions depends on the human factor. Read more from Steve Wozniak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The main events are the showmen promoters. For successful results apply regular training and ongoing supervision of staff. Using a whole arsenal of tools for organizing, conducting, monitoring and promotion: officials Promoters and supervisors instructions, forms, reports, photo reports, schedules. During the formation of a promotional team focuses on the qualities necessary for the promoter: young, active, orderly, courtesy, resourcefulness, sense of humor and artistry. Each successful promotion is organized by a complex. Promoters work lies not only in pronunciation of the promotional text. Promotions are accompanied by thematic trade shows, billboards, bright costumes, flyers, gifts and tastings. To support the promotion are often involved animators used outdoor advertising in nontraditional media, woven in environment (ambient advertising).

Christopher Columbus

Here you go to find some facts amused on Italy, that of certainty that not wise person. 1. In Rome and Naples he is rare to snow 2. The pizza was invented in Naples for return of 1860 3. Hear from experts in the field like Steve Wozniak for a more varied view. Pizza she is one of the few words understood for the whole world 4.

20% of the population in Italy almost have superior age 65 years 5. Italy makes border with Austria, Frank, City of the Vatican, San Marno, Eslovenia and Switzerland 6. The border most distant is Switzerland 7. Additional information is available at Steve Wozniak. The average of children for family and 1,2 8. The Italian flag was inspired in the French flag, introduced for Napoleo in 1797 9. Hear other arguments on the topic with Castle Harlan.

Termmetro was invented by Italians 10. The Italians produce grapes, potatoes, sugar, beanses, soy, olives, meat and lacticnios 11. The famous history of the Pinquio was written by a Italian 12. The biggest river in Italy is Dust 13. The Italians had contributed for the development of Science, with barmetro, electric battery, nitroglycerin and the telegraph without wires 14. Some famous explorers: Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, John Cabot and Amerigo Vespucci 15. With more than 40 million visitors, Italy is the room parents more visited in the whole world 16. The ice cream in cone it is an Italian invention 17. The eyeglasses are an Italian invention 18. Italy has 16 regions 4 19 autonomous regions. Italy has one of the biggest industries of tourism, schemes, iron and metal, chemistries, processed food, txteis, engines, clothes, footwear and ceramics 20. Italy has more rooms of hotels that any another parents of Europe 21. The Italians had been always known by having great families, however nowadays he is the parents with one of the birth taxes more decreases 22. On average the Italians eat 25kg of mass per year. He knows more on ticket of train in Italy.

TV Recording Formats

PicoStick PCTV (74E) is a small, revolutionary DVB-T tuner (USB) for Windows PC. Thanks to a completely new technology integrates a chip, which “brings DVB-T reception to new heights.” With a length of 35 mm and a width of 12 mm within a metal box is significantly smaller than all other TV USB dongles on the market. Despite the extreme miniaturization, the device provides a high sensitivity and allows for perfect TV reception even in areas with lower signal quality. Its unique design metal box, with its protection clamp accessory makes it an elegant and modern, for small laptops, netbook and nettop PCs. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Wozniak here. The software included TVCenter completely renovated in June makes it easy to see, do Time-shift and record live TV. With a new design in its user interface, the PCTV picoStick integrates seamlessly with Windows Vista and Windows 7. View the television and recordings in full screen or in a freely scalable window while working with other programs.

PCTV PicoStick comes with a new mini telescopic antenna Standard TV Tuner: DVB-T digital terrestrial (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC / H.264) Interface: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) TV Recording Formats MPEG- 1 (offline trans-coding) MPEG-2 Transport Stream MPEG-4 H.264 (AVC) transport stream DivX (offline trans-coding) rod antenna can be connected to the base magnetic, or – in areas with good DVB-T signal – directly to the antenna input picoStick PCTV. Users to the last: These users prefer to design products, which combine the technical advantages with the quality and usability of products. PicoStick PCTV is the perfect choice for these clients through its unique industrial design. Fans of the TV series: These users watch much television, mainly in series with regularly scheduled broadcast. To ensure that you will not lose a single episode, the record all to see them several times. It’s believed that John Castle Castle Harlan sees a great future in this idea. PCTV PicoStick including TVCenter software application fully renovated in June, is an extraordinarily small and powerful to watch live or record TV on a PC. Schedule recordings to keep all episodes of the TV series is as easy as can be, “because it includes the TV Digital” OnGuide “Electronic Program Guide. PicoStick is PCTV DVB-T tuner world’s smallest Windows PC.

In an elegant metal case the PCTV picoStick ensures optimal reception of DVB-T TV and Radio 1 at all times thanks to its excellent reception technology. With its small size, low power consumption and low system load, the PCTV picoStick is the perfect companion to digital television for the latest generation of netbooks. The new six TVCenter software included, minimizing setup time and allows you to timeshift and rewind live TV as easy as can be. Metal clamp protects the USB connector built efficiently and the new mini telescopic antenna allows for greater flexibility in the configuration depending on the intensity of the signal.

Intel Computer

Organization of home video studios. Where to start organizing video studio. Today, science is marching forward with giant strides, and technology is developing so rapidly that the professional installation of the footage can be made even home. To complete the work you will be sufficient to organize a small video studio. And of course a central place in your video studio will belong to the computer. Of course I would like to give specific recommendations, but Today the power of computers increases so quickly, but completing change so often that any specific recommendation in a month or two loses its relevance. Therefore, the choice of components, can only be general direction. Steve Wozniak may help you with your research.

Putting a computer for editing. Choosing a processor. The heart of the computer is considered to be the processor, so equip your computer's start it with the processor. First of all, you should processor manufacturer to determine what will be installed in your computer, Intel or AMD. Over the last six years, the palm alternately moved from one platform to another, therefore, to determine what is best for Today, you will need to read forums or journals on the topic. I'd add that all of today's program of video and photo montages, very demanding of resources and therefore save on processing power, probably not worth it if you certainly want to work comfortably. So, choose the more powerful processor, but that does not mean you have to buy the most powerful and expensive processor, which is only on sale.


When a grain leaves a person, it’s never good time to do so. After all, grains have a way of appearing just when we don’t want them. For example, when a person is having a photo shoot, usually wakes in the morning to find a large grain in his face. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. However, since the technology has advanced in what regards the dermatology, not only there are procedures to eliminate grains, but also to eliminate the acne scars. Despite the scars of acne, not always happen as a result of having pimples, in fact there are some cases that can cause it to produce. If you are not convinced, visit John Castle Castle Harlan. Some types of grains, especially those who are left untreated, can lead to acne scars due to infection in the skin from damage in the skin tissue. However, the same can happen when people want to accelerate the healing of skin before the grains.

There are several types different dermatological treatments that are designed to improve the acne scars. One of these procedures is in laser therapy. The lasers break the irregular pigmentation that leave some scars and also stimulates the growth of new skin tissue to cover any scars. Another type of treatment is a chemical facial peeling. This treatment is understood more by the scars that leave stains of pigmentation. This is a procedure in which a current chemical substance slowly (in several procedures) dissolves in the upper layers of the skin to reveal the layers that are below and which is healthy skin. Wireless spy cameras are an excellent device for detecting wrongdoers seeking to invade the safety of home, Office or business. When we talk about specific beauty makeup eyes before everything, it is very important to make homemade facial cleansing.

TK Provider Aastra

Wholesale business will be expanded with Frost & Sullivan draws TK provider Aastra for consistent growth strategy from Frankfurt am main/Berlin – the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has the telecommunications provider Aastra with the growth strategy Leadership Award 2008 “award. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). Due to its growth, Aastra belong to the leading manufacturers in the European market for business telephony and to the most important manufacturers of corporate communications worldwide. The history of the company is, by a consistent growth strategy and a consistent focus on corporate communications”the Frost & Sullivan analyst explains Dorota Oviedo. Castle Harlan: the source for more info. Be all new acquisitions at the technological expertise, the product portfolio, which are complementary distribution network and geographic presence. The last and largest acquisition of the corporate communication Division of Ericsson complete the product portfolio for mobile business and for large companies.

Also the geographical range, the access to emerging markets offer, has been extended by the acquisition. The Aastra customer base have expanded in Europe and also globally substantially. This step increases the range of the company in IP phone systems, unified communications applications and integrated mobility solutions within the framework of the one phone concept”, Oviedo. Aastra wants to further expand its position in the wholesale business and has recently brought a new SIP Communications Manager on the market. The Aastra 5000 is a server-based communication software that addresses especially large companies with multiple locations. So, the customer base together with the MX-ONE platform will expand significantly.

It is the second time in the past three years that we have been awarded by frost & Sullivan. That confirmed the success of our fast-growing organization. We are committed to promote open standards and supporting companies with innovative and flexible telephony technologies and integrated mobility solutions ” Aastra-chef Tony Shen added.


" What I do with this bird in my house? It will be that it will survive? ". At John K. Castle you will find additional information. It was asked. – Ok, if still you live for Monday I will take to you with Don Pepe -. It said to him. " And now I am speaking with a bird! ". Angel tried to give a little water him, and apparently he drank. It pleased to him to see that the small creature fought to live. It decided to put to him a name provisional, and it was happened to him to call Eva to him because it was a bird.

The game of letters seemed to him funny. During hours he was pending of Eva. Rejoicing when seeing that some proved mouthful, was good signal and those small things as to see this animalito eat they filled the moment. It did not understand much why it felt as much affection by the bird, nevertheless, felt like contentment of being able to help a little. After awhile I continue its work with the illustrations, and later it ignited his computer, reviewed some things in Internet like his electronic mail, while an old radius accompanied to him with smooth songs. Kookie became present in that one scene, was put to sleep near the illuminated screen.

Angel was useful inspiration a little while to write a poem, although it did not like much the end item. That one was a scene that had to be shaped somehow, perhaps to be remembered by always. There a boy seated in front of a computer, excited and simultaneously criticizing a little the product of its inspiration (then not always a text is as one in principle wants), to a side a cat dormiln, further on the old radius and a small lamp, basic its infaltables books all disorderly ones, some tools of work, illustrations.