Virtual Experiences

If the new educational model is properly planned, these students complete their studies after having lived intense professional experiences in virtual worlds, which will enable them more than at present to perform the more complex responsibilities within companies. The emphasis, it is clear that none of this has been achieved yet and no longer a reasonable expectation of what can occur in the field of education in the next twenty years, although, as noted by Rod Paige, a vision with a plan can change the world. In Indeed, the report provides more questions than answers and suggestions, task for the teams to be formed for this great discussion on how to implement the latest technology in overcoming current educational limitations. In this regard, suggests that technology is only part, although fundamental, educational scenario of the future. Another no less relevant part belongs, as always, educators, parents and guardians, who will interact with students through new generations of mobile telecommunications, real-time linked with the class and the home definitely says Martinez, the technologies change the information and communication in the educational system are automatic display system, 3D sound, virtual reality and related machinery, mobile or fixed, which preserves and enhances the information system with simultaneous access of all stakeholders in education and the most appropriate databases.

Worlds virtual experiences also allow a team to solve complex problems in real life, whether a decision on surgery or an investment bag. The virtual meeting also has the added advantage in cyberspace brings together students from different geographical origins, which opens the door to work much more intense than at present between universities and schools from different continents and cultures, bound together by systems broadband much more powerful than those now applied to education. The truth of the foregoing, it is a fact that in the future, education will be very different from what we had and thanks to the new computer technology, its development to the opening and an invitation to global networks, there will be greater participation where they have access to the exchange of ideas, to make way for new knowledge, to further facilitate and optimize the learning potential of each person along will benefit humanity and will be many the opportunity to sail in the new world of learning which will soon come.