PAS Data

Electricity BFM136 takes account of active and reactive power with accuracy class 0.5S. The unit also provides complete information for the control of electrical parameters for the 3-phase, 2-phase or single-phase networks: current, voltage, cos , frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power. The values are recorded in special log data volume of 5,000 entries for the 6 parameters defined by the user, step registration from 1 to 60 min. Connection is made through the current special compact external current transformers 100A and 400A to be supplied with the unit. The distance from the device to the CT can reach 100 meters.

For ease of installation, may apply detachable transformers current. Fig. 2. Accommodation mnogofidernogo meter BFM136 mounting for electricity metering can select one or more channels for each user, a reassignment of channel is made by software. In devices have the possibility of registering the events and data. Members who choose BFM136, can be assured that it is compatible with the latest projects as well as with existing ones. Flexible configuration, providing an opportunity accounting of consumed electricity and power as the usual, and on differential rate is certainly a great advantage. Integrated programmable controller (4 programmable setpoints for each measurement channel) allows you to configure logging (200 entries) with decreasing or increasing the value of phase, the interfacial voltage, current, frequency, power. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages.

Multi-function backlit display lets easy to read information in bright light and in darkness. Configure the basic parameters by using the four navigation buttons. Russified software PAS, supplied free of charge along the device can be used to specify settings BFM136 through the communications port to receive data in real time (monitoring) and the recorded data and events, as well as to update the software version security appliance.

American Vehicle

The memorable American automobile that would transcend the world as a synonym of quality, elegance and power; the Lincoln, anticipates the great novelty for year 2011. One of the models of this novelty, Lincoln MKZ, has a sculpted body and elegant lines and a sporty appearance, accentuated by aerodynamic spoilers line. The power this custom for smooth acceleration. Click Zendesk for additional related pages. Lincoln MKZ has an engine 3.5 L Duratec V6 contributing its 263 horsepower providing giving an exquisite and powerful gait. The interior is very modern, with details of genuine wood and chrome. The seats are leather in different shades that enhance your indoor environment elegant and distinctive totally to the import alacanse this vehicle. Lincoln MKZ we will see in the year 2011, is built with many safety features, the Lincoln standard but optional for other cars, which bring to you and your companions a high-level security details air conditioning; heating / cooling for all seats with three settings of individual temperature. The seats also have electrical adjustment, lined in leather with 2 lumbar positions that provide excellent comfort and seats for driver and front passenger have 10 adjusting positions. The 2011 Lincoln, comes with technological advancement BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which provides a traffic alert all around the vehicle, the system, can activate a led in the corresponding outside rearview, when sensors detect a vehicle in your blind spot. It can notify you in the same way in addition to emit a beep and a message in the message center, when another vehicle is approaching its area of influence.

Russian Software

The company "Alley Software" participated in the interregional scientific-practical conference "The University Library: responding to challenges", held December 1-2 at the Urals State University. 110 participants conference (among them – representatives of 27 libraries of universities and IT-companies and publishing houses have come from 13 cities of Russia. The main question under discussion the speakers and the audience – the functioning of the university library in conditions of rapidly developing information society. Have been affected by the possibility of new services, increasing the role of libraries in the educational process, the issues of recruitment and knigoobespechennosti, increase the interest of students in reading, place the library in the World Wide Web and the introduction of social services to establish close contacts with users, the organization of educational work of the library. Considerable attention has been paid to the conference to provide access to electronic editions of teachers to students of universities. At the conference a round table "Electronic Library System: pro et contra, in which Representatives of five companies: Software Alley, Knigafond, Inc. "Direct-Media," "Biblioteh", and the educational and publishing center "Academy." Have been affected by all the important aspects of working with eletkronno-library systems from providing electronic access to publications to build the library information Dondo.

Specialist "Software Alley," Nikita Melnikov, spoke about various issues create internal systems at the university: standards and requirements of the GEF GER – including registration – to the DEC, the current situation in universities, the market data systems and the scheme of their creation. According to the speakers and listeners, the format of the roundtable, which involves an open discussion after the speeches, did talk very much alive and vibrant. "Because in a round stode were active simultaneously all the speakers, it was possible to clearly trace how the issue has been resolved each company and to objectively evaluate and compare the solutions proposed for the DEC. " – Said Nikita Melnikov, manager of "Alley of Software" – "were pleased plenty of questions, personal comments and opinions from the audience – Ural library region can rightly be called one of the most active. I would like to thank the organizers of the conference: the event was a bang, as listeners and presenters were pleased with the results obtained and a lot of new useful information. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend the conference, we posted a video recording of reports. "

Industry Pacesetter

Try to become the industry pacesetter by innovation First-class quality and service cast first-class enterprise, this sentence is particularly important in the construction machinery industry; in recent years, China s mining machinery industry maintains a rapid development momentum. Once upon a time, the International Heavy giants with a strong financial and technical strength monopolize the Chinese market; but now, our domestic heavy industry enterprises has already got the market strength in the capital and the scale to break the monopoly of foreign brands; as a private enterprise, Hongxing Industry shows powerful advantages with the institutional advantages, quality and service competitiveness. From its inception, Hongxing Heavy has undergone several stages: construced the first its own production base; initially the company s products and scale system perfected; introduced talent and expanded the base to start the development of large-scale production; and to 2008, it has got a qualitative leap in the company’s management or strategic planning level whether; 2010 the company has reached the size of the group of companies to produces large and medium-sized series of crusher, sand maker and milling machine. These achievements are closely related to the policies of the company; There are mainly three aspects enable Hognxing stand out in the fierce competition in the market: reputation, service and quality. National mining machinery industry market is not specially in order, without specific industry standards, so reputation is particularly important. In service level, both in the pre-sale, and aftermarket, it provides customers with comprehensive, thoughtful, convenient and efficient service. The technical quality of the product maintains the industry-leading level; quality of the product quality reaches the level of customer satisfaction. Quality products can not be separated from technological innovation, Hongxing Heavy attaches great importance to investment in research, every year, more than 6% of the sales profits are invested in research and development, we have established strategic partnerships with more well-known colleges and universities to jointly research and develop projects. primary crushers: ore beneficiation:

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels – a modern construction material, without which it is impossible to imagine both civilian and industrial construction. It's lightweight design, easy to install and incomparable to any material in their heat and sound insulation properties (100 millimitrovaya panel with mineral wool insulation on its thermal insulation properties of 7 times the brick wall of the same thickness). The main purpose of the sandwich panels – Protecting designs in the construction of prefabricated buildings. Sandwich panels are of the following types: wall, roof, ceiling (used in decoration) partitions, including fire; facing (used in the reconstruction and insulation of old buildings) panels for cold rooms. The application of sandwich panels: industrial buildings, warehouses, service centers, shopping malls, sports facilities, medical complexes, including "Clean rooms", the building-"fridges"; agricultural buildings, reconstruction of buildings and structures.

The design of multi-layer sandwich panels, as follows from name. The most common type – frame consisting of two shaped steel sheets, filled with insulation. The use of profiled steel sheet attached to the panel rigidity. As a rule, ends represent a kind of "lock" that makes it easy to mount, and in some designs to avoid the so-called "cold bridges". The most common insulation sandwich panel mineral wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam. Mineral wool – a natural material made of silica rock melts the synthetic resin binder, and polystyrene foam – plastics. Heaters fairly waterproof, but the mineral wool as the absorbent material, yet is able to absorb moisture, which greatly reduces its thermal and sound insulation properties. To reduce this gap by manufacture of sandwich panels used vapor sealing materials.

Sandwich panels with polystyrene insulation from completely moisture resistant. The thickness of sandwich panels ranged from 50 to 300 mm, depending on the application and region-building. Weight sandwich panels as thick as 100 mm of polystyrene insulation with 1.5 easier panels with mineral wool insulation. This figure makes polystyrene foam insulation panels with a more attractive when construction, as reduced transportation costs and the load on the foundation of the building. The difference of heat-insulating properties of different insulation is low, it varies between 15% and EPS retains heat better. The level of fire resistance is higher in the mineral wool: under high temperatures, it can break down, but does not support combustion. Perhaps, therefore, a sandwich panel with insulation that are most common in Russia.


Parquet lacquers – have the best resistance to wear, or everyday language – to wear. They are not resistant to the effects of sun, rain, not willing to strong temperature variations. But in the case of a fall on the floor various household items coating compositions based on such an honor to stand the test. Produced types of parquet lacquers, which are composed of polyurethane resin coating to give elasticity. This addition allows withstand seasonal or age-related strain of the tree and at the same time helps to avoid cracking of the wood surface. Abbreviations used (for domestic varnishes): AC – alkyd, acrylic, AK – polyacrylic, AU – Alkyd-urethane, BT – Bituminous, VA – polyvinyl acetate, GF – glyptal (used to produce primers GF-021), MA – oil, MCH – Urea, NC – nitrocellulose, diluted with solvent 646, PE – polyester, PF – pentaphthalic, SD – Polyurethane, HV – perchlorovinyl, FL – epoxy, EF – epoksiefirnye. In addition, one of the characteristics of a gloss varnish to%.

Gloss varnish has glitter – 80-90%, semi-gloss – 40-50%, 10-15% Honed. Tips: – To cover with varnish floors, which are in use will be subject to heavy load, it is better to use polyurethane varnish. They are more resistant when compared with acrylic or alkyd. – To avoid loss of color and all sorts of troubles related to color the surface, which may occur over time, we recommend you first soak the work surface antiseptic, and other protective compounds before applying the lacquer itself. – The application of additional layers of coating gives better resistance to external influences. So it is better to apply two or three thin coats than one thick.

– The surface, and it is very important to be 100% dry, flat, buffed from grease recommended by the solvent. The surface should be dust and dirt. – For the best quality and smooth coating to use polishing. The first layer of varnish can be sanded grit abrasive sandpaper fine. This will improve the quality of adhesion to subsequent layers. – Remember that many lakes, including two-component, are toxic! Before applying please read the instructions and, if necessary – use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirators and goggles. To varnish and paint in a closed unventilated room is dangerous!