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The ball mill mainly composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotation part, transmission part (gear box, small transmission gearwheel, motor and electric control). Its central hollow shaft adopts steel-casting with the changeable inner lining, the rotation big gearwheel is made by aldean hobbling processing, and there are wearable liner favorable with anti-wear ability. Reliable and stable are the main advantage of this machine. In nature, materials have always been expensive and the result is a catalogue of solutions that achieve several orders of magnitude higher than most human manufacturing efficiencies. Continuous efforts, the progress of science, technology, innovation, new structures, new materials, new technologies and new processing technology after another promote innovation and diversified development direction of the ore dressing equipment, and our mineral processing equipment to other areas of our country s balanced development, we continue to progress in accordance with this objective.There are a variety of existing processing equipment, Dry, wet the election re-election, magnetic separation, flotation and other beneficiation methods.Mineral processing equipment can be used such as iron ore, manganese ore sorting and ore grade, domestic mineral processing equipment: dry magnetic separation, wet magnetic separator, high intensity magnetic separation, electrostatic separation machine and separator and so on. The technology has developed consistently and has moved from a method for producing prototypes to one that may enable mass production.While we have some way to go before achieving equivalent technology to biological growth processes, there is certainly the potential to use natural polymers such as cellulose to build complex, efficient structures at low temperature and ambient pressure.

Imagine the implications of using materials made with 1% of the energy of conventional ones, in structures that are 10 times more efficient. Moreover, if we use them correctly, all of these materials can be recycled time and time again, in an endless process of transformation. Features of Ball Mill The ball mill is an efficient grinding tool which is capable of grinding various types of material into fine powder.2. The ball mill crushes and grinds many kinds of ores and rocks during mining. It is also used for mine selection.3. John K. Castle has compatible beliefs. Ball mills are widely used in the mining industry, construction industry and chemical industry.4. Two grinding techniques that can be used are the dry-type grinding and the wet-type grinding.5. The ball mill can either be of tabular type or flowing type depending on the form in which the material is discharged through belt conveyor.6. It contains a neoprene barrel that have grinding media in it. This is where the material to be ground is loaded into.

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As we all know, the aim of innovation is to save energy and improve efficiency.let introduces me the next two kinds of mills to them from the perspective of innovation analysis.The Energy-saving ball mill is used for fine grinding operations, but also often used for rough grinding operations. The Energy-saving ball mill is widely used in various industry sectors (except to avoid iron pipes), such as, ore processing industry, metallurgy, chemicals, construction materials, silicate industry, fire, electricity, cement and other industrial sectors, energy-saving ball mill can be used to grind the ore hardness, coal or other od grind-able materials.The jet mill is a new type of dry grinding equipment. which use high temperature compressed air or superheated steam, and do the ultra – fine grinding of mineral aggregate, grading and drying operations at the same time. It grinding principle is that when the compressed air (or superheated steam) which emitted by the jet pipe nozzle in the combustion chamber preheated oil decompress expansion suddenly to the mill chamber at the speed of 100 to 200 m / s, blow the 3 mm mineral aggregate in the mine for pipe, using the high-speed movement of the interaction between mineral particles to conduct the impact and abrasive material crushing. The advantage of the jet mill is the device structure is simple, no moving parts, metal consumption, big productivity low, low power consumption, large crushing ratio, and can conduct the crushing and other operations (chemical treatment, drying and calcination) at the same time.

Its benefits in the process are: the particle size of product is uniform, too crushing particles is less, the dissociation is high, the role of selective grinding is better than the sorting index of the ball mill, pebble mill products. The jet mill products of iron quartzite by magnetic separation after the election indicators, and compared to the ball mill and pebble mill, the concentrate grade is higher 2.00 to 3.00 percentage points, the iron recovery rate is 2.00-5.00 higher percentage points. But such devices still have the structure to be improved, and have not been widely used. In summary, we can see that for meeting the tonnage is huge and inexpensive mineral aggregate ground, some of the newly developed equipment and grinding method is difficult to achieve in the short term. In a considerable long period of time, at least a short time in the current, the dominant fashion in the field of grinding will continue to be a conventional ball mill, rod mill, pebble mill and mill, mixing mill, vibrating mill and other commonly used grinding equipment. Therefore, how to improve existing equipment, tapping the potential of innovation will be an eternal subject in the field of grinding.

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Try to become the industry pacesetter by innovation First-class quality and service cast first-class enterprise, this sentence is particularly important in the construction machinery industry; in recent years, China s mining machinery industry maintains a rapid development momentum. Once upon a time, the International Heavy giants with a strong financial and technical strength monopolize the Chinese market; but now, our domestic heavy industry enterprises has already got the market strength in the capital and the scale to break the monopoly of foreign brands; as a private enterprise, Hongxing Industry shows powerful advantages with the institutional advantages, quality and service competitiveness. From its inception, Hongxing Heavy has undergone several stages: construced the first its own production base; initially the company s products and scale system perfected; introduced talent and expanded the base to start the development of large-scale production; and to 2008, it has got a qualitative leap in the company’s management or strategic planning level whether; 2010 the company has reached the size of the group of companies to produces large and medium-sized series of crusher, sand maker and milling machine. These achievements are closely related to the policies of the company; There are mainly three aspects enable Hognxing stand out in the fierce competition in the market: reputation, service and quality. National mining machinery industry market is not specially in order, without specific industry standards, so reputation is particularly important. In service level, both in the pre-sale, and aftermarket, it provides customers with comprehensive, thoughtful, convenient and efficient service. The technical quality of the product maintains the industry-leading level; quality of the product quality reaches the level of customer satisfaction. Quality products can not be separated from technological innovation, Hongxing Heavy attaches great importance to investment in research, every year, more than 6% of the sales profits are invested in research and development, we have established strategic partnerships with more well-known colleges and universities to jointly research and develop projects. primary crushers: ore beneficiation: