PAS Data

Electricity BFM136 takes account of active and reactive power with accuracy class 0.5S. The unit also provides complete information for the control of electrical parameters for the 3-phase, 2-phase or single-phase networks: current, voltage, cos , frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power. The values are recorded in special log data volume of 5,000 entries for the 6 parameters defined by the user, step registration from 1 to 60 min. Connection is made through the current special compact external current transformers 100A and 400A to be supplied with the unit. The distance from the device to the CT can reach 100 meters.

For ease of installation, may apply detachable transformers current. Fig. 2. Accommodation mnogofidernogo meter BFM136 mounting for electricity metering can select one or more channels for each user, a reassignment of channel is made by software. In devices have the possibility of registering the events and data. Members who choose BFM136, can be assured that it is compatible with the latest projects as well as with existing ones. Flexible configuration, providing an opportunity accounting of consumed electricity and power as the usual, and on differential rate is certainly a great advantage. Integrated programmable controller (4 programmable setpoints for each measurement channel) allows you to configure logging (200 entries) with decreasing or increasing the value of phase, the interfacial voltage, current, frequency, power. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages.

Multi-function backlit display lets easy to read information in bright light and in darkness. Configure the basic parameters by using the four navigation buttons. Russified software PAS, supplied free of charge along the device can be used to specify settings BFM136 through the communications port to receive data in real time (monitoring) and the recorded data and events, as well as to update the software version security appliance.

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