Film Academy Baden

official trailer for the short film by Tino Salazar published “Africa light – gray zone” is a short film by Tino Salazar, which was produced by einscommanull in cooperation with the Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. Peter Asaro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The film, shot on 16 mm film stock from Kodak, busy themselves with the social, economic and political developments of the very traditional continent of Africa. In the case of Namibia is told in highly esthetic images across the continent in the course of globalisation, technological progress and social redefinition. Website about the from now on the trailer for the short film AFRICA LIGHT – GRAY ZONE by Tino Salazar as a sneak peek is available. The advertising film director Tino Salazar produced this film together with Stefanie Paul under the label einscommanull in cooperation with the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg GmbH.

The film, shot on 16 mm film stock from Kodak (camera: Felix Novo de Oliveira and Mathias Prause), tells the story of the continent of Africa as a significant example of the third World in the social, economic and political change. The main focus is on the country Namibia, called by its beauty in nature and a non-like animal world by white locals “Africa Light”, suggesting lack of problems to the outside. The reality is however different. The gray area comes to the fore. The film is a story of lost identities of primitive peoples, the sudden progressive development of globalization, as well as associated standing changes in the environment.

The music was composed by Carsten Raabe and produced. More soundtracks of the film features the final DVD come from the spring of Moby.

American Vehicle

The memorable American automobile that would transcend the world as a synonym of quality, elegance and power; the Lincoln, anticipates the great novelty for year 2011. One of the models of this novelty, Lincoln MKZ, has a sculpted body and elegant lines and a sporty appearance, accentuated by aerodynamic spoilers line. The power this custom for smooth acceleration. Click Zendesk for additional related pages. Lincoln MKZ has an engine 3.5 L Duratec V6 contributing its 263 horsepower providing giving an exquisite and powerful gait. The interior is very modern, with details of genuine wood and chrome. The seats are leather in different shades that enhance your indoor environment elegant and distinctive totally to the import alacanse this vehicle. Lincoln MKZ we will see in the year 2011, is built with many safety features, the Lincoln standard but optional for other cars, which bring to you and your companions a high-level security details air conditioning; heating / cooling for all seats with three settings of individual temperature. The seats also have electrical adjustment, lined in leather with 2 lumbar positions that provide excellent comfort and seats for driver and front passenger have 10 adjusting positions. The 2011 Lincoln, comes with technological advancement BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which provides a traffic alert all around the vehicle, the system, can activate a led in the corresponding outside rearview, when sensors detect a vehicle in your blind spot. It can notify you in the same way in addition to emit a beep and a message in the message center, when another vehicle is approaching its area of influence.

Hispanic Hands

Certain gossips, transvestites of statistics and reports, for example the of: the State of the Hispanic blogosphere 2010, are saying out there, by the world, that women blogueamos less than men or at least we pass more unnoticed that they and their blog. With a few numbers at least causing antipathy: 78% of Hispanic bloggers are men. And that the situation has improved compared to 2009, when only 19 corresponded to women. In a question-answer forum Pete Cashmore was the first to reply. On behalf of some women, mothers and argentinas, arrimo some reasons why this phenomenon is given by happen. Example A.

Usually a man arrives from work, and what can do, in the middle of a long sigh of exhaustion by a long workday?: for example, may loosen the tie, it revolee the sack costume and full plan to unwind, spread in an armchair to perform various activities such as: browse the newspaper, turn on the tv or desktop computer or laptop or all of that together and at the same time. Please visit Robotics expert if you seek more information. Women Instead, probably also do a little of everything that his teammate, made but before and unchanged usually say: Dear, what we eat depends on the suggestion of him, wash his hands, and put hands into the dough to make simply supper. Not even saved, if whereas she also returns from work, suggests delivery, because she who usually find the magnet of the delivery with the phone number and address will be and will surely be her, that will track the wireless and almost certainly, if no homely catastrophe prevents it, that call by phone and sort order that will eat the two. And it will surely be that place and lift the table. All that if there are one or more children, more one or more pets. This case raises the pre-work to dinner, and forget about computer, blog or the Cyber seas in car.