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In Germany, three major cable operators for the reception of digital television offers responsible digital cable TV are some advantages in comparison to satellite television. Depending on the Federal State are responsible for other cable network provider to provide. However, the customer has the possibility to choose different tariffs. Are which and how many cable providers there in Germany? What are the possibilities offered by a cable connection? In Germany, there are three large cable providers: cable Germany be an antenna cable cable BW Unitymedia for reception of cable television, requires an antenna wall socket or other reception devices (such as a receiver, for example). Cable Germany offers the largest choice of channels in Germany with more than 100 free-to-air digital channels in the basic package. The cable connection is 14.90 euros monthly. 12.90 euro incurred without the additional rental of the receiver.

In addition, the consumer can book more paid subscriptions to. Among other things, a digital video recorder for monthly 19.90 euros. Upon completion, the contract period is at least 12 months. The basic package of Unitymedia costs 3.90 euros per month in addition to the analog cable. Unimedia has different program packages, such as for example digial TV family, feature film or documentary programmes. The individual subscription costs 8.90 euros monthly. Unitymedia provides free to the receiver.

But once 19.95 euros on the activation of the subscription channel. Used a digital video recorder, consumers can rent these for 5,00 euro a month. The contract period is at least 24 months at Unitymedia. The advantage is with Kabel BW, that are the largest part of the digital channels without additional cost to receive. The price of the basic package is in addition to the analog cable 12,90 euro monthly. Cable BW offers various packages for example the clever kids”and the men”-package. ” The so-called men “package includes sport and music also erotic channels. In addition posted subscriptions cost 9.90 euro per month. Kabel BW offers combination packages. So, for example the use of cable digital home and the men will cost”package only 18,90 euro a month. Deployment cost 14,90 euro once. A receiver and a digital video recorder can be booked against a monthly rental fee to do so. The contract period is at least 12 months at Kabel BW.

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