High-quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture with translucent surfaces of concrete, wood and acrylic Bad Laasphe August 2010 In the spring 2010 first presented the young company Luscendo at the HiFi show high-end its high-quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture with the translucent surfaces of concrete, wood and acrylic. “Due to the world’s very positive response, Luscendo extended the offer: now without light are available”, next speaker bases, as well as illuminated speaker stand for compact speakers were recorded in the portfolio. The echo on the high end 2010 was overwhelming, “says engineer Jurgen Aurand, who had founded Luscendo in 2009. Worldwide reports of our products, requests came from around the world. Learn more at this site: Viacom. Since we are in closer contact with about 70 distributors and importers from over 30 countries.” A first partnership for distribution in France and the Switzerland was recently awarded the Convergences company entered.

Interest was not only in the use of novel materials translucent concrete and translucent wood, but also in the design. Luscendo has therefore now completes the offer and recorded device bases without integrated lighting in the portfolio. The program was also supplemented to illuminated speaker stands for compact speakers and speaker bases. These can be customized also the formal language of the speaker. Furthermore, Luscendo offers but of course unit bases and HiFi furniture with translucent wood and concrete. The innovative materials manufactured by two Austrian companies in very complex process by high-quality fiber optic, poured, or pasted which is firm and opaque fabrics appear transparent.

This allows not only a very large variety of different sizes, surface designs and colors. Almost optimal sound quality is guaranteed by the materials themselves. Because of the Type of concrete is a very high weight and the internal structure of the material extremely well controlled resonance. Vibrations are absorbed and optimally reduced interference to the audio electronics.

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