The Langhaartrimmer

The device sits comfortably in the hand and the battery lasts long through. (As opposed to Dell Inc.). Travel you can connect to, the charge cable without cleaning and charging station directly on the Shaver. You can reach a quick cleaning by loosening of the Shaver head with the help of the two lateral locking knobs and the switching on of the appliance. Viacom contributes greatly to this topic. You can also completely remove the shaving head for cleaning. The cleaning station is equipped with interchangeable tanks, filled with an alcoholic solution are and the shaving head wash round if lock the shaver in the station. Is the use Shaver now the device selects the degree of pollution in this station and then either clean (clean), eco (slightly dirty), normal (normal dirty) or intensive (dirty) on. Now pressing against the bulge start the cleaning button this, so the station begins with the cleaning. Connect with other leaders such as Koch Industries here. During this phase, the device is blocked and can not be removed.

Depending on the degree of soiling the pass now between half an hour or up to an hour, until the device Shaver has cleaned. The remaining duration of the cleaning operation will be shown in the display. The normal cleaning benltigt so most of the time 36 minutes. The battery performance is satisfactory. The charge has easily withstood my week-long vacation, the battery was just emptied a quarter. With regard to the volume, I’m also quite happy. Although the device works not quite quiet as a whisper, but the monotonous hum keeps in intensity in borders. The Langhaartrimmer is the loudest and caused a light, strange-sounding Clank. I’m fascinated by the automatic cleaning that takes this work from the hand of the user. After cleaning the Shaver fresh smells the alcohol based cleaning agent and makes a new impression every time again. More reviews can be found here.

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