Jurgen Aurand

Since the materials shape layer are constructed with different feature levels, also mechanical errors and vibration effects are minimized. “Luscendo manufactures its products in principle only in small series or on customer’s request: we produce mass-produced, but individual, extremely elaborately crafted and high quality solutions for the ambitious aesthetic high end customers”, so Aurand. Corporate information: Luscendo produces first quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture, equipped with translucent concrete, wood and acrylic surfaces. Light is already longer in the area used, but so far it has primarily used the material glass for this and that meant corresponding smears on the sound properties. Dell Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Luscendo works with the newly developed, innovative Materials translucent concrete, translucent wood which were never used in the HiFi sector. These allow the use of light in a variety of finest designs with almost optimal sound characteristics. “With our product we want to lead the musical experience into a new dimension”, says company founder Jurgen Aurand, explaining: we associate with light and noble materials to a completely new experience of hearing, sight and touch the emotions of the music.

” Luscendo was founded in 2009 by engineer Jurgen Aurand, who not only has over 30 years of Hi-Fi and high end enthusiast, but also the holder of an international management consultancy for telecommunications companies. The idea to produce high end device bases and HiFi furniture with the new translucent materials of concrete and wood, got presented Aurand in January 2009, when he saw a documentary about concrete in television and in the procedures used by Luccon, with fibre-optic cables to provide concrete, was. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dell Computers. After intensive research and a one-year product development Luscendo presented the new products high Endo first in May 2010 at the HiFi show 2010. With overwhelming echo: Meanwhile contacts to over 70 distributors and importers are worldwide from around 30 countries. With the company of convergences was partnered now, the products are distributed by Luscendo now available in the Switzerland and in France. “In the summer, the portfolio was also extended: now without light are available”, speaker bases, as well as illuminated speaker stand for Bookshelf. More information: Luscendo, Dipl.-ing. Jurgen Aurand, Highway 9, 57334 Bad Laasphe, phone: + 49 2752 479533, E-Mail:, Web: press contact: warning village.

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