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You speak in English? And in Spanish or Japanese? NO? Why are you wasting your time and money on outdated and ineffective foreign language courses? We need to use new advances in computer technology to success! I would like to tell you about the remote online foreign language courses En101, which allow to study foreign languages at his home, without leaving your computer. For a successful education does not need anything but computer connected to the Internet and a browser with Flash-plugin (the same as Internet Explorer). Online classes are staffed tips and advice in your native language (the site supports nearly three dozen languages in the interface). What are the advantages Course En101? Why study languages, using these courses is much easier (and how much?), Easier and more efficient? En101 language courses start with the basics: the alphabet, sounds, words, simple phrases. It is therefore advisable to start learning it from scratch – Has previously obtained knowledge can significantly interfere in this case. But this is not a problem among the supported languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Latvian, there is plenty to choose from! And yet, important feature of the course is its practical nature – here are taught that 100% will be demanded. You may want to visit Zendesk to increase your knowledge.

From the first lesson Listener learns to listen and to perceive by ear, as well as remember and reproduce the words and phrases. A this is exactly what was missing in school lessons in Soviet times for the active language skills. Here is a sample – six years of studying English in school, plus four years at university, plus preparation for delivery and commissioning Ph.D. exams in graduate school – as a result, nearly 15 years (!) And always usually on the 'excellent'. As a result, conversational English when communicating in a very low level, unfortunately. So, maybe it should change the method? Course Language En101 built so that the man was a constant incentive to learn the language. Because, first of all, given those concepts, without which it can not do in real life! For example, in hotel, restaurant, store …

The lessons are easy to learn and learning, and drawn so that learning a language on a daily basis takes no more than an hour! The illustrations accompanying sound and will help to effectively learn a foreign language to you and your children (for some languages are also available at the same time specially adapted courses for babies, which will connect your child to language learning in a simple, convenient form of a game). Any child learning a language does not seem boring lesson! Remembering a wholly-owned, because the lessons are unobtrusive and more like a game. But even adults love to play on your computer, right? So, what is the summary of the above? Online-foreign language courses may be an alternative En101 classic heavy courses of English (and not just because the asset is currently 7 languages!). They are designed for complete mastery of techniques without a teacher can do when I have time and desire, and are available even for toddlers. Do they suit you and your children – it is easy to check for fitting do not take money! 😉

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