Vocal Apparatus

And finding a location of your vocal apparatus, it is necessary to remember. This is best done, if we compare the same sound in Russian. What is the difference, remember its a new experience. That's right, the feeling! I advise you not to look in the mirror, as do foreign language teachers in the classroom at the school, as there should be nothing to make out, all this passed. And remember their own feelings. So to speak, try English 'to taste'.

And most importantly – bring the process to automatism, to make these familiar sensations! Exactly the same easy and familiar, such as those you notice when spoken in Russian. Armed with the above principle, you will begin to take a closer listen to speakers, all of these sounds play in words. How long before you would not 'dancing' Russian-speaking teacher English, with its emphasis Ryazan (sorry, dear), trying to tell you how to correctly pronounce a particular sound, you still did not get anywhere until you hear this Englishman or American. Our ear in a position to capture the subtle nuances of intonation. We know each other from their voices. So do not tell lies to myself that you will not get! You simply justify their weakness. No, not laziness, but it is weakness that is actually can be easily overcome. Laziness – a wonderful thing, because through it, for example, was the invention of the telephone and the Internet, and much more. Our say There is another important point.

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