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The electronic products and services and travel are the most popular among the nearly 4 million users who value this option. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. What about you online business, meets the requirements for growth?. About 4 million Spanish people already shop online. This represents a growth of 20% over 2004. Those companies that have managed to bet online and not expect to be the last to have its virtual storefront are undoubtedly those that are getting more benefit from this growth. We are talking about average spending per buyer of over 460 euros. Many are hesitant to position itself on the Internet.

Why am I going to choose me and not another company on line? For comfort. If you have earned the trust of your customers will not visit your site if not find a good delivery service. Also appreciate the opportunity to benefit from better prices and promotions. Do not hesitate to promote it in your establishment via posters or in the back of your ticket, for example. You can also offer more products, without need for stock, which is another attraction of your potential customer within the network anyway, do not forget that the Net can boost your sales even if the purchase is made in your stores. 35% admitted having taken the decision to buy a physical product in stores after getting information about it in the virtual stores.

Position yourself on the Internet will allow you to increase your sales without having to invest too many resources. Source: InfoBoletin (). Free Magazine technological current events (TLR). TLR, which serves more than 5,000 companies, has developed a technology, Intelligent Data Connectivity, which allows companies to meet their needs for delivery of documents and information, eliminating all barriers to understanding and respecting machines business rules. The high-tech company with six years of activity, has to his credit with prizes such as the Technology Innovation Foundation for Business Excellence or Innovation Business, awarded by the Galician Association of Telecommunication Engineers.

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