Brazilian Communists

Analizaremos also its internal disagreements of this party in the decades of 1950-60, the condicionantes factors of these disagreements and its practical consequncias for the Brazilian Communists. CHAPTER I the SPROUTING OF the COMMUNIST PARTY OF BRAZIL Brazilian Section of the Communist International Little time after the success of the Russian Revolution in October 1917 a revolutionary wave seemed to sweep the world. The theoretical and practical ability of Vladimir Ilitch Uilanov (Lnin) seemed to influence more after the working-class movement the revolution of what the proper marxist theory in which it was felt inspired. When leading this theory for a country where the historical conditions were well different of the historical conditions of the nations where Marx believed that the socialism would win (Germany, England etc), Lnin not only obtained to lead the socialist revolution in Czarist Russia, but conquered adepts of a organizacional system of the revolutionary vanguard in everybody. The majority of some Communist Parties that had after appeared in the planet Revolution 1917 was strong on to $marxist-Leninist theory e, consequently, to Communist party of now renomeada Soviet Union (former Russia), established after the revolution soon. This party was the heir ideological politician and direct of the Bolchevique Party, conductor of the revolution.

They appear in the entire world left communist guided by the marxism-leninismo, revolutionary theory spread out by the Communist Party of Soviet Unio (PCUS), and consequentemente on to III the Communist International that was controlled for this party, organizacional reference of the working-class movement after the Russian Revolution. The element of rational evaluation if imposed in increasing way after refluxo of what it seemed to be in the posterior years the 1917, the tide of the world-wide revolution. Of course it is almost impossible, in it practises this element of the total and gotten passionate loyalty that the Communists, as individuals, had its cause, that if identified with its party and that it meant in turn, loyalty the Communist International and the Soviet Union.