Transmission Vehicle (CAT )

Transmission Vehicle (PPC) – a device that is responsible for speed control while driving a car, using this mechanism, the machine can give back up. On many cars set 3, 4 or 5-speed manual gearbox or speed automatic gearbox. Samsung describes an additional similar source. Manual transmission, combined with the differential, is contained in the crankcase. Removing and installing transmission (CPT) is first Inside the engine compartment, and then set the car on a lift or pit. 1. To remove the gearbox (transmission) with engine, first disconnect the negative battery terminal. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with LG Electronics.

Then remove the air filter, coolant reservoir, the cylinder drive clutch and hydraulic tube. Then unplug all cables and connectors remove the upper starter mounting bolt, remove the box transmission from the engine by removing the bolts. Then with the car, remove the wheel (as described in "Replacing the wheel") and Coir screens. 2. Further work is being done below the engine. Drain the oil from the gearbox (CAT), disconnect the axis, the exhaust pipe, unscrew the screws with which the gearbox is mounted to the engine. Once you have removed the gearbox (transmission) from the engine, inspect the clutch components.

Most often follows replace clutch elements with new ones. Inspect the basic units of the box, paying attention to the fact that the gears, shafts had no visible damage. 3. Making the replacement of defective or worn-out mechanisms that assemble box, while under all covers must install new gaskets and apply a skim the surface of a special sealer. 4. Caps that are installed on the box, and Wash dirt, degrease the mating surface, apply a sealer. When renting gear (CPR), use the jack, do not forget to put a wooden plate between it and the gearbox. Surgery to repair the internal mechanism of transmission (CPT) is very complex, it must comply with professionals, we consider only the major activities related to its operation. 5. Pay particular attention to the speedometer. It also must be inspected for mechanical damage, be sure to inspect the drive gear, which should not be chopped off, signs of wear, and if you want to install the speedometer on the gearbox. 6. When removing the gearbox (transmission) from the car one of the operations that you have to do – is the removal of its traverse. 7. To do this, first loosen the two bolts attaching crossbars to the bottom of a car, then disassemble the crossbeam. When viewed from the gearbox (PPC) Pay particular attention to bearings. They should not have traces of wear and have a tight fit in the working shafts. In no event should not push the clutch pedal at a time when you remove the gearbox (transmission) from your car.

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