GPS Navigation Software (Navi vs. TomTom)

GPS software is increasingly popular. The map of the GPS navigation software programs is becoming more detailed. TomTom Navigator or TomTom navigation software is the market leader. The map data for GPS navigation comes largely from two manufacturers: Tele Atlas and Navteq. The Blaupunkt Navigation CD update products are equipped with Tele Atlas maps. Navigon GPS Software includes most of Navteq map data. The iGo navigation software boasts great maps and GPS functions, can not offer the other Navis. A GPS navigation software must not go unmentioned.

TomTom software with the latest TomTom Navigator 6 shines with Tele Atlas maps. A special feature is the digital maps of MagicMaps. Magic Maps GPS navigation software provides a 3D digital maps. The digital topographic maps of the MagicMaps own bike tours for the recording of mountain biking, hiking with GPS or simply accompanied only by GPS. The navigation software from Navman is Navman navigation systems.

For Blaupunkt Blaupunkt navigation system needs to update CDs. The CDs include Blaupunkt Navi-date maps from Tele Atlas. For Blaupunkt Lucca Navis can also download new map data will be acquired. The same applies for the Blaupunkt TravelPilot navigation systems. Destinator provides for a reasonable price, a special function of a GPS navigation software. TMC messages are traffic jams. enter a GPS software, the TMC data, so that the GPS software can perform dynamic route guidance. Destinator navigation software offers this feature. A navigation system should be professionally ground mounted in the car! For this purpose are the products of Brodit excellent. Each Navi should always be provided with a screen protector, do not forget!


Software Security

Certainly, we are all concerned about security issues with your software.  The Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM) understands this. They started the BSIMM project in March of 2009 as a joint effort between Cigital and Fortify Software.  They record what organizations are doing to build security into their software and organizations.  While they began with nine companies, they now have 30 participating organizations, according to Gary McGraw, the CTO of security consulting firm Cigital.

McGraw says that the BSIMM team has seen 109 activities that the 30 organizations are doing to secure their software, clearing indicating that companies are taking a great deal of measures to guarantee the security of their software products.  These include 12 main categories which include everything from training to code review.

If you are a software innovator, you may want to download BSIMM2 to compare the safety measures that you are taking to those that other groups are using.  If you’re just beginning to look into your security model, BSIMM2 is certainly a good place to begin to see what others before you have been doing.