Michael Koryakin

The benefits of baths and saunas talk a lot and willingly. And in fact, once the sauna lovers can become infertile. Dr. Wolfram Nolte American belief that if too much sweat in the sauna is not only, but also in the bath, and in too hot tub, then over time can reduce the formation of sperm. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics. Therefore, if the infertility has declared itself, then from the hot and procedures should not give up if at all, then to significantly reduce their reception. In the sauna or hot tub can be no more than 15 minutes a day. In general, all the better to carry out hygiene procedures in the water, which would correspond to normal body temperature – that is 36,6 . The Russian doctor Michael Koryakin, a specialist in male infertility agree with his American counterpart: – The fact that the sauna is harmful to reproductive organs – it’s scientific fact.

And, interestingly, warm up guy once in any steam room, and the deterioration of sperm formation continued for the whole 2 months and after this time is reached the peak of the deterioration of spermatogenesis. Moreover, the normal formation of sperm recovered in only 3 months after the peak. That’s how fragile and delicate reproductive cycle in males. I’ll tell you more. Even after the common cold if the temperature during the illness rose to 39-40 , spermatogenesis in men goes down for 3-4 months. In general, if you want to have healthy offspring – Try not to get sick. And the smaller Steam in the bath. Take care of yourself.

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