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Although the society of now is egoistic, enough it is prepared to advance towards the following altruistic law of the nature. Education and culture been have always based on the altruistic principles. In our houses and the school, we taught to our compassionate, amiable and friendly children to be. We want that our children are amiable with all, and felt that such attitude towards the others is a way adapted of behavior that it protects to those follow who it. Nobody would almost declare opposition to those values. Additionally, thanks to the progress in the communications, today we can very quickly transmit new messages and values to the society anywhere in the world.

This it is a crucial factor to increase brings back to consciousness of the increasing crisis of the humanity and the necessity of an integral resolution. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. Although our present problems could bring about a change, in all this is much more that When we construct a correct attitude towards the society, gradually we will be admitted in a totally new level of existence, superior to any thing that we have known previously. It will be one more an elevated form of existence, that will take to us to have a sensation of the totality and perfection with the nature. We must begin therefore to take passages in this direction to solve all the personal, social and global conflicts, and to pave a way to the prosperity and the success. We must to take ours first real steps towards the accomplishment of this natural law altruist.

Then we will be able to feel that all we are divides a unique integral system natural and only to prove the perfection and harmony within. The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Cabal, professor of ontologa and theory of the knowledge. He is founding and president of Bnei Baruj and Institute ARI, in Israel. More information in, and,, original Author and source of the article

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