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Medium-sized businesses on speed: with 5.25 emails per hour through the day Munich, November 30, 2010 with approximately 42 emails per day the mail flood meets employees in medium-sized companies the hardest. These are at least 5.25 mails per hour on an average working day of eight hours. So they get one-fifth more emails than employees at large companies with more than a thousand employees. Altogether one fifth of respondents feel overburdened by the increasing flood of information in the workplace. The hardest it meets the middle class again: almost 30 percent of the employees of medium-sized companies suffering from the burden of daily information. with OnePoll in a study among a thousand workers in Germany has identified these results. is likely to agree. We were asked study participants to their preferred communication channels, the nuisances of daily communication and its openness to social networks. Instead of direct, oral exchange more and more information via E-Mail requested are workers so often an obligation. Just when the internal company communication the number of answers on a group mail rocks high often according to the snowball principle, precisely because a reaction feel obliged”, commented Joachim Schreiner, area Vice President Central Europe at, the study results. Irrelevant emails annoy German employees of companies of all sizes across the annoyances of the workers at the mass of emails appear to be same: more than a third of all respondents annoyed about the direct sending of messages that are not relevant for them. Second delayed responses followed by E-Mails sent out. Otherwise, than maybe expected, respondents the least about it, worry that important information could perish in the flood of daily incoming message. Social Media belongs already to the routine in German companies, workers are increasingly networked. About 30 percent of the study participants gave Twitter on Facebook, or other social networks to use daily. The analysis by age group shows but the significant generational differences: while 60 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds daily social networks use, are there no 15 per cent in the Group of over-55s.

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