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Step ahead combines the step ahead AG, manufacturer of CRM & ERP software on new Web site information & emotions to CRM & ERP Germering, 25.11.2010 – around, has completely renewed the homepage and makes tangible the own software solutions with references, customer photos, screenshot galleries and RSS feed. Customers today increasingly require a purchase experience, do so in addition to factual arguments too emotional to be convinced. The challenge of software is that emotions can be bad and not transported. So it was essential to find ways with the new website, to appeal to the emotions of our customers and prospective customers and to meet the request at the same time for factual and faster information for marketing”, so Daniela Hinz, Marketing Manager in the CRM and ERP vendors step ahead AG, to the launch of the new website on Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. Step ahead AG offers CRM & ERP software for small and medium-sized enterprises up to 200 users. Over 700 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland use the solutions to control and Processing in customer relationship management, marketing, sales, inventory management, production and customer service.

The resonance in this market is big, but also the competition. The new website aims to so accurately on the target group. This means: to make the functionally diverse software experience and to meet the needs of visitors to quickly and easily accessible information. The motivation of the prospective buyers is wide-ranging, whether they focus on ERP & CRM, match your requirements with the capabilities of the software, are interested in solutions or gain a first impression of the software want to. It depicts the new website in different areas. Step ahead AG software what in the area basically cross-industry usable solutions “is clear and clearly displayed. Over the 11 years of the company have been developed also various solutions which are systematically accessible over an appropriate range, E.g. for trade, e-commerce, order & Small series finished, renewable energy, & IT producers of software or also plant farmer & device manufacturers.

“Personal customer references, as well as photos of step ahead employees show the people behind the software, screenshot galleries and clearly made up – 10 good reasons to step ahead” the visitor support specifically in their intelligence. “And who like to want to keep: about is immediately under News” RSS feed available that informed about important dates and the latest news of step ahead. In a further step the new website is also used the customer and partner communication, e.g. via a Web user helpdesk or a partner extranet. Daniela Hinz step ahead AG

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