New Training Concept

“An investment in knowledge brings are still the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin regardless of economic recovery this year and even though the positive outlook for 2011 investment moves. Investment think most primarily on new machines or buildings. But it is also on a small scale. Despite high-tech manufacturing and modern machines still the human being is an essential part of a company? What is more logical than to invest in staff? Investing in its employees is education. Well trained staff bring a better of quality and more efficiency. (A valuable related resource: Mashable). The cost of such measures are but much lower compared to other investments. Many believe that their employees are so well through years of practical experience that training is not necessary. But this is the key point.

Through the years, the man developed a routine that makes him too careless, and the result is often an operating blindness. Many try to break this up, by external consultants in the House they get. Another possibility is to grant its employees training. So these are confronted with new things and for many it is very stimulating to get out of the everyday life out. DVS system software offers its customers the possibility of making training in small groups since October 2010.

The peculiarity is that the employees from different companies are affiliated to a group. A training day is usually 960,–euros. A group training day in Iserlohn costs per person 250,–EUR. The requirement is that at least 3 persons take part in the training. Courses are offered on the following topics: CAD training for AutoCAD from version 2010 and Bricscad professional version 10 in connection with the DVS module DVSKON (packaging-specific construction AIDS). There are basics and examples from practice on the computer run. Crystal report training version XI. The basics are explained, made adjustments to the program, joining tables carried out and the construction of simple reports.

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