News – More Than Just A Community is an online community with smart and attractive offers in addition to the traditional services such as Forum, which is very informative, the chat for live entertainment and the beautiful user profiles with guestbook, user information, pictures gallery and user groups, to share common interests, PetitTaxi offers more free. Target is a network to call it free linking Morocco’s friends. A small excerpt to create overview. PetiteCuisine who the Moroccan kitchen once took, she would no longer miss. The interplay of colors, scents and flavors is a fairy tale poem. Of course for the operator Imad Hassani, that a free online recipe database will be provided to Morocco friends. Already over 60 delicious recipes waiting for you by appetizer and dessert, delicious salads, culinary meals and beautiful pastries.

Join in and share your recipes. PetitSouk goods you ever in a Moroccan Souk? Souk is Arabic for market”. Of course you are able to realize online very difficult a traditional souk, however the team of has a selection of beautiful books, DVDs, videos, music CDs, products from the categories collected drugstore, bathroom, household, kitchen, comfortable you and sure can apply via an online shop. No question there is a Tagine and the matching recipe book in quantities. You want to take vacation in Morocco PetitGalerie? Then PetitGalerie is the right place for you to get a picture of your target. Find almost all cities of Morocco by users available the images over. Even, if you should miss pictures of the city of your dreams, you find answer in the Forum. PetitTube guessed it and are absolutely right.

Users post interesting, funny, spectacular and informative videos around the topic of Morocco and orient on PetitTube. Background to the attribution of PetitTaxi’ PetitTaxi which is a small Moroccan taxi, which transports citizens and tourists known sent in all parts of the city. Due to the mostly good-humored driver and very fair prices, this means of transport for locals is a daily means of transport. Imad Hassani, graduate computer scientist and owner of this site therefore wanted a name with which it immediately asoziiert the beautiful country Morocco. Just look at and be inspired by the beauty of Morocco. Of course, the registration and the use of all services and services is free of charge. It is pleased the team and the users of the community written by Imad Hassani


Film Academy Baden

official trailer for the short film by Tino Salazar published “Africa light – gray zone” is a short film by Tino Salazar, which was produced by einscommanull in cooperation with the Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. Peter Asaro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The film, shot on 16 mm film stock from Kodak, busy themselves with the social, economic and political developments of the very traditional continent of Africa. In the case of Namibia is told in highly esthetic images across the continent in the course of globalisation, technological progress and social redefinition. Website about the from now on the trailer for the short film AFRICA LIGHT – GRAY ZONE by Tino Salazar as a sneak peek is available. The advertising film director Tino Salazar produced this film together with Stefanie Paul under the label einscommanull in cooperation with the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg GmbH.

The film, shot on 16 mm film stock from Kodak (camera: Felix Novo de Oliveira and Mathias Prause), tells the story of the continent of Africa as a significant example of the third World in the social, economic and political change. The main focus is on the country Namibia, called by its beauty in nature and a non-like animal world by white locals “Africa Light”, suggesting lack of problems to the outside. The reality is however different. The gray area comes to the fore. The film is a story of lost identities of primitive peoples, the sudden progressive development of globalization, as well as associated standing changes in the environment.

The music was composed by Carsten Raabe and produced. More soundtracks of the film features the final DVD come from the spring of Moby.

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