Then began to compose the game by inventing the first line: 'Two duck sailor' (is that first come to mind) then came up with a rhyme to the last word in first sentence of "seaman" It may be – from a distance, until the sides, river, etc. We stopped at a sailor rhyme – from afar: 'Two duck sailor to sail us from afar' So Thus, we escorted the rhyme and the text of the motion 1 and motion 2. Now we are left with the motion of 3 – 'waving'. This means that we meet these sailors. Wrote the last line of the game: 'Sasha waved his hand to them' We have got: 'Two duckling Seaman to us float afar Sasha waved them by the hand! " Left to come up with the third line of verse.

We came to mind is: 'To meet the two heroes ' And now, the end result: 'Two duck sailor to sail us from afar. To meet the two heroes, Alex waving their hand! " The second way to come up with a game under these movements – it did not come up, and pick up ready-made poems that best fit the meaning of these same movements. When we came up with this game, we came specifically to such a scheme, which is written above. However, writing poetry – a creative process, why are not all and not immediately. The first two lines we have come up immediately, but the other two came up with another whole week. Here I would like to say that perhaps you will take to write such a game, but you will not get right the first time – it does not matter! Simply put off their achievements to the side for some time, try not to think about that compose. Believe us, after some time lines that are missing in your poem, they will come to you in the head, just Have time to record them.

We managed to compose a few light poems which movements correspond to those shown above. During the writing of poetry we have come to a simple plan by which it is easy to compose two more verses. In a nutshell, the plan is: 1. memorized the movements of the Child 2. presented Association and invented the story to them 3. composed the first sentence of 4. picked up by a rhyme to the second sentence 5. wrote the fourth sentence of 6. picked up by a rhyme to the third sentence after the first composed our games, poetry became appear much easier, here they are: 'To a delicious pancake bake, we make a dough. Warm up much stove, there pancake and place! " Or here's another: 'We came with a walk and take off gloves, my hands quickly and lie down! " PS: By the way, personal finger games there are still advantages: 1. As conceived in their child play as close to him, the child responds to it immediately, because it is – his family, and this means that now we do not question – how attract the attention of the child to fingertip games. 2. This game just will not forget, because we invented it ourselves. 3. and sensuality with a personal scoring games are unique, we are talking with the child, not only in one language gestures, but emotionally, we become as close to him. In short, try to compose for their baby at least one game and see how this activity fun and useful.