Here are three ideas that you can use for their own site, and use as inspiration to start thinking a little bit out of the box: generate a list of Optin email through the creation of a single site private to members of the section. Create a private web site and that people register to access free and immediate.For example, you might say, Subscribe to our free newsletter and get free access to our private members website!You can choose that you receive a user name and password each time that you want to input, or can simply provide a link to the website in the welcome message. Your site only private members can be as large or as small as you want.Some of the things that can be included in the interior are: reports, software, articles, e-books, etc. Within the web site, you can also advertise their affiliate programs.And you can follow up to let them know about the updates, new products that may be interested in the latest news from your industry, etc. According to Kai-Fu Lee, who has experience with these questions. Generate a list of Optin email offers subscribers a free gift instead of offering a free eBook or a whole set of them as most of the others, the promise of giving its visitors something that can have on their hands if they give you the contact information. For example, you could say subscribe today and receive our new report sent to his first class mail.You can print your report on the standard 8 x 11 sheets of paper, folded up, puts it in an envelope and mail it out. You can offer tips and a brochure mailed to new subscribers.Or you can create your own CD full of information directed towards the market and the mail.Or if you have a supply to the wholesale a product of interest to its subscribers, then you can send one to each Subscriber.The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. .

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