Studio Innovation

Innovation coach is to even creative innovation coach Benno van Aerssen, offering ideas, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands, has become creative as an exception in itself and has revised its Internet presence. As of now, the page presents attractive and with a fresh appearance. The new site comes cleaned up, clear, well structured, visually appealing, user friendly and with many images. “” “Whether van Aerssen’s new training format lightless creativity”, where creative training in 100% and darkness is, or Innovationsdigging “, specifically the question of where it should start at all with the search of idea of?” answered with the relaunch of the diverse topics of the lateral thinker are clearly represented and forth make it easy the user find the information desired by him. A clear navigation with riders like Innovationcoaching”, brainstorming, innovation culture “” “” “” Lectures, seminars/workshops”and the Studio through the variety of subjects, with more information to updates on Facebook”, Benno van Aerssen “, press” contact “and imprint” round out the menu. Benno van Aerssen… …ist lateral thinker, visionary, innovator, motivator, trainer, coach, speaker and author with creativity, ideas, passion and empathy. Innovation coach helps, its customers, its innovative directly and efficiently achieve goals of the Niederrheiner, who comes from a family of Italian artists and in addition the vicious: operating blindness, recession rigid, self-imposed rules and standards, to break through political rituals, traditions, and einengendem day business quickly.

He is a leading authority in the field of innovation culture and also the founder of an innovative company in the Internet business that makes today market leader virtual learning environments such as VW, O2, or eBay. “With his company Studio for ideas” is He for brainstorming, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands. As a book author and TOP 100 speaker at speakers excellence, “Benno van Aerssen is expert on the subject of innovation. Also, he has already held many lectures, workshops and seminars.

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