Michael Koryakin

The benefits of baths and saunas talk a lot and willingly. And in fact, once the sauna lovers can become infertile. Dr. Wolfram Nolte American belief that if too much sweat in the sauna is not only, but also in the bath, and in too hot tub, then over time can reduce the formation of sperm. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics. Therefore, if the infertility has declared itself, then from the hot and procedures should not give up if at all, then to significantly reduce their reception. In the sauna or hot tub can be no more than 15 minutes a day. In general, all the better to carry out hygiene procedures in the water, which would correspond to normal body temperature – that is 36,6 . The Russian doctor Michael Koryakin, a specialist in male infertility agree with his American counterpart: – The fact that the sauna is harmful to reproductive organs – it’s scientific fact.

And, interestingly, warm up guy once in any steam room, and the deterioration of sperm formation continued for the whole 2 months and after this time is reached the peak of the deterioration of spermatogenesis. Moreover, the normal formation of sperm recovered in only 3 months after the peak. That’s how fragile and delicate reproductive cycle in males. I’ll tell you more. Even after the common cold if the temperature during the illness rose to 39-40 , spermatogenesis in men goes down for 3-4 months. In general, if you want to have healthy offspring – Try not to get sick. And the smaller Steam in the bath. Take care of yourself.

Interesting Facts

The best time for IVF – spring and summer in this British researchers believe that until recently have studied various factors affecting the efficacy of IVF. The result of their study, which was attended by about 3 thousands of women, was the conclusion that the success of this procedure is highly dependent on the season. More best was summer and late spring. The researchers believe that this is due to an increase in day length, which entails an increase in the sensitivity of the female body to the hormones that regulate the activity of the gonads. Many embryos – always better? The press has been much debate about how many embryos should be transplant patient during IVF. The beginning of the dispute was the decision of the Office of Human Fertilisation and Embryology in Britain renouncing the practice of transplanting more embryos during IVF. Reproduction insist on the transplant no more than one embryo.

This requirement is a high percentage of physicians account for the probability of multiple pregnancies and the complications of it, which adversely affects the health of mothers and children. On Statistics for 2002-2003. One quarter of operations ended in the treatment of infertility twins. Opponents of this view argue that single embryo transfer significantly reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. 60 years? No problem! Very old woman, who bore children during infertility treatment IVF has a 67-year-old Spanish woman Carmela, who gave birth to twins in 2006 in a hospital in Barcelona. However, she deceived doctors to get permission for artificial insemination. The documents, which she gave the clinic, she convinced the doctors that her 55 years.

Medical Diagnostics

All aspects of the health care company has ISRAMEDICINE professional support and provides a wide range of medical services for international patients from many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Cyprus, USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. The list of services: All aspects of medical care provided by the company ISRAMEDICINE before, during, and after a visit to Israel: Medical Diagnostics and organization treatment. Visa.

Flights, car rentals and hotels. Questions of promotion in the country. Meeting of the patient at the airport in Israel and support of the hotel. Help the patient and his family during their stay in the country. Visits to the doctor in hotels in Israel.

Aircraft evacuation of patients. Excursions in Israel, Dead Sea, and much more. We organize your ‘MEDICAL day in Israel’, for an overall diagnosis and medical examinations. Why should I be treated in Israel? Patients from around the world who suffer from all sorts of ailments come for treatment at medical centers in the best private hospitals in Israel. Our company collaborates with major medical centers in Israel, which are equipped with the latest technology, full of modern equipment, have highly medical specialists of world renown, are armed with advanced methods of treatment using the latest technology.

Year Drink

In this article, I will tell you the real story of how I quit drinking with the impact on me, a man with abilities that are traditionally called ‘psychic’, and often raise doubts in people. Someone believes it, and some do not. Some call it ‘auto-suggestion’, and believes that a person is afraid to drink, after such a procedure code. I think, and you now have wince when reading it, but please listen to me the end … Many of those who held such a coding will tell you that it did not help them, and they are easy to ‘decode’. There are also people who influence the woman’s help, and they no longer drink.

This group joined me. Why this one help, while others – not? How to achieve a positive result? Positive results achieved more easily if, by resorting to coding (any), the man himself firmly decided not to drink, but for whatever reason, can not to stop himself. Mashable can provide more clarity in the matter. If you are determined to no longer drink, then after such a coding, you will be incomparably EASIER refuse to drink, even if you will have to persuade a whole bunch of friends. Many said that it would not help because they did not help. I’ll tell you if they do not want to change and change their lives for the better, then do not say that this method of coding does not benefit anyone. You will not have problems with health, as after medical coding, if you start drinking again.

Connecting with the Inner Child

Make no mistake, laugh at them and continue. Allow your imagination and creativity to be released and fly with the eagles. Cry, grieve and feel pain when you share your feelings with others, not to suppress them. Be angry, expressing anger and use anger to Your a solution. Make decisions directly to you.

Solve problems and invent solutions that not everyone may agree. Feeling lucky joy, excitement, fun and excitement of your existence. Feel bad, sad, anxious, upset and agitated when you share feelings with others. To love and be loved by those whom you cherish. Be Your 'Inner Child' and to allow him / her to grow up, accept the love, share feelings and enjoy the pleasures and games. Some of the steps by which you can help heal your 'Inner Child'.

Step 1: To identify your 'Inner Child' relax and close your eyes. Spend thirty minutes, introducing myself as a child of three to eight years. Take a look at ourselves as a small child and look at how this little child reacts to the members of your family of origin. Look at how you, little baby respond to the members of your own family. Observe your friends are in the neighborhood or from school. Notice how you communicate with your friends and buddies. Notice how you amused in the game than it is from this game you enjoy. Watch for an in the classroom and observe how you communicate with your teacher and how you react to the school environment.