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One of the most important tasks a software is to automate continually repetitive operations and therefore shorter and cheaper to settle. With minimal time to payment transactions and to obtain optimum transparency payments in the freight forwarding software is now allows by the introduction of the module logistics 3000. One of the most important tasks a software is to automate continually repetitive operations and therefore shorter and cheaper to settle. The required overview of all important business key figures such as E.g. the maturity dates of the accounts receivable / accounts payable basis data a working payment system. Order related data once entered be automated through extensive programming so prepared and shown she can handle effectively the user with minimal effort.

The achieved time savings is as essential as the immediate extensive information gain. The current version 10.40 of the shipping software logistics 3000 the Shipping program has the manufacturers – DatLogistik software – now with the expanded payment – extremely powerful module. This version will be delivered in January 2011 and is then an integral part of the shipping software in the professional version. Existing data by the order entry already used in the database at the time of booking of payments or payment outputs in an optimal manner. A data interface option on any accounting programs or also to Excel data can be exported. (E.g.

Lexware, DATEV, KHK, etc.) With only 3 clicks, the incoming or outgoing payments are recorded. Faster and easier it is hardly. By specially programmed extensive data filters and search functions, each to booking record can immediately find and book out in a few seconds. In addition is determined via an automated test function in transfers if the total sum of the corresponding lease is correct. A posting of payments is also very comfortable. With only one Click the user has an immediate overview of all calculated and unpaid receivables and liabilities for any arbitrary period of time. Of course all data and evaluations are also custom display, export, and print. Extensive lists and evaluations for the accounts receivable and / or vendors that are components in the module according to many criteria (E.g. dates), payment of freight forwarding software logistics 3000 forwarding program. The data of all evaluations are prepared so that they are suitable also for exchanging data with external services of Dunning or collection agency. The selectable data for each any time show not only the sum of the individual records and a comparison of the accounts receivable and accounts payable, but also the amounts of payable before tax registration. The operation of the software is very simple and clearly designed. The user is hardly must use the built-in manual. The module is protected by a password and only authorized employees to the editing. Exceeded a specific credit amount set earlier in the freight forwarding software, the users on the new system of an order receives a corresponding warning message. From version 10.41, approx. as of Jan. / Feb. 2011 is delivered, is the shipping software in the module payment system – provided also with a 3-stage reminders with freely definable text blocks. If the forwarding program or module logistics 3000 – online payments – want to test logistics 3000 to send an E-Mail to: or contact phone number 02151-3610-667 from a date. More information, also see Wolfgang Hegebarth

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