Fitting Jeans

In order to wear jeans – must first be ass! Especially if it's jeans with low waist. Even on something they should resist and not fall down at the wrong time. Naprmier when a lady sits, well, or bends, podyacht to the ground anything. If the lady no ass compensated layer of subcutaneous fat on the sides, the situation is even worse – then the jeans will be sliding down with even greater success. Since jeans are always bought less than the size of the stern of the ladies, then (subject to availability ass!) place for cowards simply do not remain.

Ladies must wear a vulgar invention 20 centuries – Thong and rope them to be located is already out hard jeans. In order to wear jeans – especially to be the brains. Especially if the lady is no ass is fat on the sides, and shorts do not fit into jeans. We must somehow guess wear a long shirt blouse or sweater to cover up the fact that traumatize the psyche of noble people in the field of vision which can get such a bum! Although these ladies who have a bum and brain – never dressed jeans slipping from the stern.

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