Tula Region

Leafing through a photo album, you discover with disappointment that most exotic countries in subjection, and souvenirs of the most outlandish places on earth littered the entire house Travel to exotic countries have long ceased to be a rarity. Costly pereelety, hotels and beaches every year lose their appeal. What to do? Should just remember that new – it is well forgotten old. That the Slavic soul will have to taste, if not the Tula spaces? About features of the traditional Russian territory and will be discussed. If you naively believe that the Thule is not surprising, I can assure: You're wrong.

In Tula, you will find wonderful gifts that will please you better than overseas. Therefore, starting in Tula, leave, guided by popular wisdom, a samovar houses and throw your guide. Tulu is necessary to understand and feel the same way as the enigmatic Slavic soul. Traveling to Thule You can hardly do without the trips. You will certainly be offered to visit the Tula Kremlin, the ancient Orthodox churches and many museums. This possibility was disregarded blasphemy.

But if you are not limited time frame, try to try to learn Tulu independently and at the same time, buy souvenirs worth. It is no secret that the Tula and the samovar – inseparable concepts. Although the prototype samovar was invented and not in Russia but vodogreva use, as is known, caught on well. "What Russian does not love " – you hear. Walking through the Thule, you do not come to mind to add "drive fast".

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