Freshness Effect

New art lawn varieties with nature-fresh effect – natural freshness on balcony & rooftop Astroturf has experienced an incredible Renaissance in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular in many areas as flooring. Not only as a substitute artificial turf is selected for the normal garden lawn increasingly, also on the roof balcony or roof terrace a natural environment can be created with artificial turf, that many of the House balcony or roof terrace want. Just the qualitative development of the varieties of artificial turf has led to this growing popularity because in optics, the new varieties of turf barely of natural grass are indistinguishable. With the introduction of a new artificial turf a further breakthrough in this area now. Even though the appearance has made many advances, the known by normal lawn lacked the artificial turf so far and above all in the summer freshness effect popular.

Normal grass saves water and pressure in the soil and with sunshine it always ensures a cool effect, if walking across the lawn, for example. In artificial turf, this effect was missing so far because even high-quality artificial grass made of polyurethane can store water only very restricted. Details can be found by clicking Mashable or emailing the administrator. With the development of a new, sand-filled artificial turf only but also a whole new artificial grass variety available, providing exactly this freshness effect of natural grass. After the installation of artificial turf that is filled with quartz sand, i.e. a layer of quartz sand is introduced into the artificial turf.

The layer of quartz sand in the artificial turf has two effects. On the one hand, the artificial turf feel more realistic and is now not only the look of natural garden lawn hardly to distinguish, but this can be perfected in the tactile quality of the artificial turf. The second and perhaps even more important effect of the sand filling of the artificial turf is the freshness effect. The layer of quartz sand can save water and dew and this water evaporates, just like with natural grass over day and ensures the so-called now in this new art lawn variety a pleasant cooling effect, Nature fresh effect. With the new art lawn variety, you now have the option on the roof balcony or roof terrace are but easily and with little care on the roof balcony or roof terrace to lay a floor covering to get, which is a natural lawn in nothing. So far only a few specialized companies for the installation of artificial turf in the offer have the new type of artificial turf. Just in sand-filled artificial turf varieties, you should consult a specialist but necessarily, to get a proper and professional installation of artificial turf guaranteed. Contact: Kerkhoff green artificial grass, lawn & finished lawn Bjorn Kerkhoff Lohner Brook 5 46354 Sudlohn telephone: 028 62 419 10 66 fax: 0 28 62 419 10 67 E-Mail:

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