Windows XP Tablet PC

A tablet PC, tablet personal computer, tablet computer, tablet or simply tablet is a portable computer that is characterized by lack of keyboard and use a touch screen or multi-touch as main device for interacting with the user, who can use fingers or a digital pen. Thus, a tablet PC is basically a laptop computer contained entirely on a touch screen, devoid of keyboard and mouse. It can be considered a product halfway between a laptop (laptop or notebook) and a smart phone (smartphone). History of the tablet PC boom occurred throughout 2010 and has its origin in the launch of the Apple iPad, whose popularity has caused that other manufacturers eager to experience the same success have released numerous devices on the same segment. However, the tablet PC have existed for years. However, in his first appearances these devices failed acceptance of the public due to their usability, excess weight and lack of software problems specific to that format. Size the most widespread tablet PC are 7 and 10 inches.

Depending on what it is intended to give to the device it will opt for one of greater or lesser size. Both screen sizes allow reading an electronic book, but the 7 inches are more easily transportable and greater number of functions operating system can be developed with 10-inch tablet PCs carry specific operating systems for this type of device, having several to choose. Windows: Microsoft has developed for this segment Windows XP Tablet PC, already integrated in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Read additional details here: technology investor. GNU/Linux: various distributions supported this type of appliance, while Google’s Android very extended. Apple: iPad comes equipped with iOS, formerly known as iPhone OS. Connectivity in the tablet PC is essential connectivity, so most come equipped with Wi-Fi and 3 G, so you can connect to the Internet from anywhere, via Wi-Fi, USB modem or with card SIM if they incorporate the modem integrated into their own team.

Software the software that provides the system operating on the tablet PC allows numerous functions, how to make handwriting, take notes Freehand, drawing on the screen, reading of electronic books, reading comics, web browsing, video games, inquiry of Office documents, video playback, music playback, video conferencing. Accessories are an aspect to take into consideration in the tablet PC Accessories, because many manufacturers, to reduce their models, opting to remove simplified versions lacking certain peripherals that we purchased separately if they interest us, such as webcam, USB connector, SD, digital pen (stylus or pointer) memory card, auxiliary keyboard and mouse. Use a tablet PC is a device with many possibilities, since it basically has all the functions of a conventional laptop, by what can be used as eBook reader, multimedia platform to view films and listen to music, play video games, store information, connect to Internet for browsing and downloading applications, etc.

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