Broadband United Strengthens Management

Dr. Dieter Finke is Managing Director of broadband United Ebermannstadt, June 23, 2010. Since 01.06.2010, Dr. Dieter United Finke strengthens leadership team of broadband. As CEO, he is responsible for sales and investor contacts. Managing Director Georg Herrmann is responsible for technology and manufacturing. United Finke came to broadband Dieter from his consulting firm founded in 2003 Dr. Finke management consulting.

Concentrated among others on consulting services for companies in the areas of broadband and media networks. Previously he had in Hanover of LambdNet communications as a Start-Up company in 1999 founded and expanded into a European network operators. Under the guidance of Dieter Finke LambdNet established himself as a Germany-wide transport network operator and provided carrier-class services for large enterprises, network operators and Internet service providers. From 1994 to 1999, Finke Dieter led different corporate divisions and subsidiaries of Vebacom. At first he was for planning, development and marketing of the first German fibre-optic transport network by Vebacom responsible. In 1997 he was in addition the establishment of voice and data networks of Vebacom subsidiary communications in 1998 he took over the management of the local DSL operator HanseNet transport network company (HTG), a joint venture and Hanse-NET.

After graduating in electrical engineering at the University of Hannover and the promotion of optical transmitter signal behavior, Dieter worked Finke from 1986 to 1994 in strategic marketing and product management of Philips communications industry (PKI). Here he was, inter alia, the introduction of new fiber optic technologies for transport networks. These included the world’s first field tests with the SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) technology in Spain and Australia. Broadband United is successful on the market with the first IFC products. The systems of the IFC interconnect product line to improve range and data rate of DSL”, Finke says Dieter. DSL is a growth market of broadband will benefit United. My main task in It is the coming months, United to build quickly more sales and investor contacts for broadband.” About broadband United broadband United GmbH (BroadU) improve solutions developed the transmission properties of existing copper lines in the subscriber access network. All solutions of BroadU are based on the interference cancellation technology (IFC). BroadU IFC has developed together with the Vierling Communications GmbH, Ebermannstadt, Department of information transmission, Erlangen, and other partners. With IFC products, supporting speech impediments can be significantly reduce on telephone cables. DSL signals, this allows more coverage and transmission rate as well as a significantly higher occupancy of cable and stability up to 100 percent. More information:.

Baltic College University

From the regional Berlin network bridge between universities and industry a unique project has long been, nationwide bringing together the interests of universities and industry. Who writes out an advertisement, perceived by clicking on 250 schools. The universities benefit from numerous opportunities to connect with interested companies in contact and to place their students of the first internship at. After the entire menu in the most important commercial languages was translated in the last year, the latest relaunch of the portal offers a refined user interface: info Manager and can be stored search with variable filters provide fast, accurate search in the pool by the now 36,000 points. Even if universities exclusively to publish the tool on the intranet, this is now possible: password-protected access ensures that only registered students can enter the stock market. The supply of new partners is great: alone in the previous twelve Months including renowned universities such as the University of Augsburg (career services) and the University of the Saarland (Centre for key competences) came to about 25 portals nationwide.

Several career fairs and student initiatives will appreciate the job portal in conjunction with other cooperation services of Klaus Resch Verlag: KISS ME, pulse Wildau, Chemnitz contact, sci business week, founder of Congress of IdeLab!, INOVA Ilmenau and meeting place Kaiserslautern are just a few of the new partners in 2011. Here a small selection of universities and fields that have been added in the last year: Universitat of des Saarlandes (Economics) * University of Bamberg (scientific career service) * University of Duisburg-Essen (Chair of microeconomics) * University of Halle-Wittenberg (Department of pharmacy) * University of Kiel (Fachschaft of computer science & mathematics) * University of Ulm (Department of Physics) * University of Munster (Faculty of Physics) * TU Clausthal (Faculty of material science and) * FH Erfurt (career services) * Baltic College (career services) * euro-business-College Munich * HTW Dresden (Faculty of geo-information) * University Neubrandenburg (geoinformatics and Geodesy) * HS Karlsruhe (area of Bioprocess Engineering) * HS Darmstadt (Department of Economics) is to assume that in the coming months there will be many more schools join the job portal network of, so that its students and graduates can benefit from the energy of the nationwide boom. Contact: Klaus Resch Verlag KG editor graduates / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo summer of Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Tel.: 04435 / 9612 (0) Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market among recruitment services for young academics in Germany for more than 10 years the Top5. As the first publisher of career planners for graduates, the print media graduates include Technology (for engineers and computer scientists), as well as professional home economics (for economic and legal scholars) for 50 years to the standard media for the career. Also available are the annual publications graduates trainee and company introduce themselves.

Monarchis Marketing GmbH

The Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH has expanded 2008 the real estate portfolio to more than 500 residential units training on software for the housing sector to the qualification of the Monarchis-Neu-Ulm, May 19, 2009 headquartered in Neu-Ulm in the fiscal year. Since this enormous growth was planned, the company invested very early on in the leading software for the housing industry, to optimize the efficiency of object management in the interest of the lessee and of the company. The dynamic real estate and financial services Monarchis sets in all divisions on cutting-edge technologies. In the energy-related modernisation of the acquired real estate as well as in the management of objects. “Significantly, of course, is that employees the modern tools” insert targeted and qualified can. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter. This is the only way to ensure that business processes efficiently, as well as liquid run off. It is investing not only in advanced techniques, but employees will be trained and trained.

Growth is the motto at Monarchis. And so the real estate portfolio to more than 500 residential units has been increased in the past year. To manage the entire real estate portfolio with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, the newest and most powerful software for the housing industry was introduced parallel to invest in real estate. The program covers among others the financial accounting, home accounting and complete information management. In several individual seminars at Monarchis different areas through learning by doing “trained.

The new, highly complex software for the housing industry enables Monarchis, timely, transparent and efficiently perform the object management; and in particular against the background of the planned growth of the company”, says Stefan Seydtle, head of sales at Monarchis Marketing GmbH. The usage and the mastery of an optimized object management software brings only benefits: for the tenants, the responsible Employees as well as for the company of itself Monarchis. All benefit, according to the Monarchis win-win strategy”.

Economics Faculty

This is once again the repeated conclusion of the computer science professor Debora Weber-Wulff. Plagiarism software is not good for science. This is the repeated conclusion of the computer science professor Debora Weber-Wulff of the Berlin Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft in a recent lecture. Software from the Anglo-American room wouldn’t come along often with umlauts. Correct literal quotations would be classified as plagiarism because the quotation marks in the Anglo-American region look different than in the German operation of science. Also redrafting of original passages would hardly discovered by the current plagiarism software.

Translations of one into the other language could not be assessed as ever by this plagiarism software. The same applies to so-called structure plagiarism”, i.e. the assurance of building and the argument sequence of their own work according to one existing source. In contrast, the current plagiarism software on the search jump to after mere copies even with common phrases. So that is “first plagiarism in Guttenbergs dissertation the law and Economics Faculty of the University of Bayreuth”.

Then, any plagiarism software finds plagiarized of the entire dissertation Guttenbergs, only 5 percent while there were 95 per cent in reality. Another example, that lists Mrs Prof. Weber-Wulff, is a doctoral thesis, Humboldt-Universitat, a passage correctly, was quoted however from the Super Illu magazine”; the thesis was anyway. Mrs Prof. Weber-Wulff therefore advocates of the senses and the mind of the examiner as plagiarism software”to use, not computer-aided plagiarism software. Furthermore proposes Mrs Prof. Weber-Wulff, a year upstream University basic training each student. Ultimately this is nothing more than the Studium generale”, that our parents and grandparents as a normal baseline experienced. Reason for this proposal is that even Mrs Prof. Weber-Wulff of believes, that high school graduates these days the actual Qualification no longer came to, to actually start in universities. A professor from the audience of this lecture complained that 60 percent of alone the chores of the freshmen contained plagiarism. The author of this present contribution had represented the unsuitability of any plagiarism software years ago, just as he continuously addressed the declining level of education at secondary schools as well as universities in the context of the degree, that makes life harder now academic ghost writers. “” Harald Bahner sources including this news: updates to the academic ghost writer industry section plagiarism and plagiarism control “, plagiarism software and other moon cows”, news from the 03.12.2012, News Overview, Harald Bahner under Unter den Linden 21 D-10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 297 79 117 company portrait: is one the best-known and most established provider of serious academic ghost writer – and writers – related services in the German-speaking as well as provider of scientific coaching, scientific advice and General writing based in the heart of Germany – Berlin, under the Linden/Friedrichstrasse.