Wi-Fi and Hotspots

Wi-Fi or hotspots are compared to possible manipulation by eavesdropping outside largely unprotected Dortmund, February 28, 2008 While Internet users now mostly quite good hedge against virus threats, they are largely without protection in the local Wi-Fi or at public hotspots to possible manipulation by eavesdropping from the outside. Thus it goes unnoticed, for them if they are electronically spying on such as online banking and strangers read your account information or password. Mashable contributes greatly to this topic. Provides a solution of security vendor COMCO AG for this now at CeBIT 2008 (Hall 6, stand A46) free for which automatically raises the alarm, if suspected of a manipulation of the computer. This IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition\”can be installed on the computer without special technical knowledge, is licensed only for private use. Educate yourself with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. To ward off intrusions from the Internet, even home users have much effort and money in security techniques such as firewalls, in recent years Virus scanner or filtering against malicious software. The direct protection of the PC or notebook from eavesdropping has, however, almost all too short. Nowadays it is easy to spy and to manipulate when a so-called ARP Spoofing is used. In this case, the attacker simply redirects the traffic in the home network or hotspot on your own PC and can spy on all data and passwords.

The ARP Spoofing represents a particularly sophisticated method of attack on a computer of any kind. Also encryption, as used for example, for online banking, provide inadequate protection against ARP attacks. \”Concern is worrisome also that very easy-to-use tools for this can be found on the Internet and such attacks could also rarely be clarified\”, describes COMCO Board member Udo Kalinna the problem. The IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition\”is therefore a necessary complement of the classical safeguards such as firewalls and virus scanners on the computers in the local network. He is in his technical Functionality derived from a professional solution for companies, with the banks and industrial companies effectively secure their networks against espionage and misuse of data.

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