Intel Marketing

New portal for the online distribution of software just for smaller software houses or developers of a man often the question arises, as the proprietary software can be marketed makes sense. The traditional sales and marketing channels are primarily tailored to large companies with a large budget. Offers an interesting alternative marketing on the Internet more and more: the desired target groups can be achieved accurately and often cheaper. On the development of online marketing channels is reported in the media increased, all ahead also through social media services like Facebook, Twitter and co. takes a slightly different approach. In practice, the question arises for the company whether and in how far these channels already can be useful for the marketing of their products.

And if so, how? At this point, the software biz community, which by the way Intel behind, their origin has. The community is aimed at existing and future partner of Intel software Partner program and to provide software developers and houses with new ideas and practical tips for the online marketing. Experts share their theoretical and practical knowledge around the online marketing in the context of articles and workshops. In addition, the software biz community members directly in the dialog can occur with experts and with other software providers interact in the forums. No fees are charged for membership in the software biz community. The software biz community and the opportunity to register, see.

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