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“Reduce costs with ultra THin CLients In 2006 four nuclear power plants, Sun Ray ran alone for the cooling of data centers in Western Europe”, so the entry into the topic of Bertram Stratz, Managing Director of SoftConDev Ltd., Bamberg. PC network, the hard drives would operate even if is just not working. Hear from experts in the field like Camden Treatment Associates for a more varied view. So energy would be needed continuously for the operation and cooling. Bertram Stratz calculates the actual savings with the help of a specially developed cost calculator. This calculator takes into account also the expenses for the care of a network in addition to the cost of energy.

the hardware downtime and costs when setting up new jobs or replacing defective hardware. In order to improve the use and efficiency of existing infrastructure, several techniques are already used. The current technology of virtualization provides several seemingly existing, so virtual”server on a computer. For the user, it appears as if he works with several servers, While power and cooling only for a single server to fall on”explains Santiago. Server based computing”is another technology, the Department reduced the cost of IT. The software applications run only on the central station and not, as traditionally, on each individual workstation. The users use the software as usual, but work on a central server. These workstations are not komplettten PCs but are called thin clients, they have hard drives, drives, or fan.

These mechanical parts are often guilty of errors and failures? Fewer accidents mean of course in turn savings in support of the network. So, savings in the care of the network come to falling energy costs as a major factor. Thin clients have longer life than PCs and lower downtime reduce IT costs. A new workplace as a thin client is set up in 20 minutes for a workstation, the time required is much higher, “as Bertram Stratz. To to switch to a more cost-effective system, the IT specialist recommends to proceed step by step. At the beginning, always the individual cost analysis would be. Nicola Stratz article

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