Premio tire service and Hi make woman fit for the winter you and your car. Urgency of winter tires off summer dresses – Pack, in the Cabinet we do automatically winter sweaters. But slowly but surely, your car must be prepared on the cold season. Quite simply it’s offices by Premio tire service: there is the whole October about a free winter check for your car. Need to know what you are driving about the car in winter, on Hi as of course clean we now find our wardrobes to winterize the garden and turn on the heating.

Also the car should be prepared for the sake on the specifics of the cold season the security. In addition to antifreeze and winter tire is also a professional check all safety-related parts of the car are checked at the. The car is often forgotten during the winter preparations until the streets for the first time are smooth. With our free winter check in October we car drivers offer maximum service, then when the weather is usually more relaxed”, so Michael Ammann, responsible for marketing at Premio tire service. What exactly you should be aware, so that you experience any unnecessary surprises during the winter, the tire specialist have collected Premio tire service and Hello woman on the Internet: on you will find a detailed and free winter check list. Simply answer the questions and download detailed evaluation with all important information or print out. Individual questions around the topic of car the Premio tire expert Anne Johann Kohnen drive answered in the winter in Hello woman Forum.

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