Innovation Management

IPI GmbH puts together, why is Microsoft’s collaboration platform for innovation processes ideal Lichtenau, 23.05.2011. There is always an idea at the very beginning of a process of innovation. To capture this, to develop and evaluate before it goes into the implementation and production, are significant steps for the company an open culture and the opportunity to Exchange must be created. The IPI GmbH, Lichtenau SharePoint experts have summarized, how and why the collaboration platform SharePoint 2010 is suitable especially for this, to gather the ideas of employees and the community to discuss, in a ten-point list. Ali Partovi understood the implications. “” Roland Klein, Managing Director of IPI indicates a thematically related event: innovation meets tradition “is an essential issue on our SharePoint event on 30 June and 1 July, at the 2010 introducing the potential of SharePoint for innovation and collaboration – knowledge processes in numerous lectures and examples of users.” Signup for the free Event are possible until May 31, 2011 under. 10 reasons for innovation management with SharePoint 2010: All in one – all in SharePoint. Exists an intranet SharePoint-based, innovation management can be integrated seamlessly into the collaborative environment of SharePoint.

Forever saved. Ideas are similar to Central electronically stored documents, and are therefore in the long term to find. Found an idea not yet ready for the market for she can be recorded again at any time in the innovation process. Transparency in the innovation and idea process. SharePoint permission management offers a variety of ways to share the views of an ideas or to restrict. So innovation processes will be transparent for employees, without having to publish sensitive information here. A solution if necessary multiple instances. Depending on the strategy and structure of the company, it can make sense to build multiple instances of innovation management. SharePoint supports this in very simple manner, for example, for Subsidiaries or different divisions with the appropriate functionality.

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