June Products

Since June, the innovative online marketplace for sustainable, environmental and resource-saving products is online. Berlin, 02.07.2013. An ambitious project of friends is finally a reality. As the first and only one green marketplace, covers the entire value chain, from the wholesaler to the retail. The Berlin startup offers a wide range of sustainable and innovative products the private buyer. Robotics expert s opinions are not widely known.

But also commercial providers have the opportunity to present themselves and their products. In general all products this must meet one or more of the following core features: innovative, ecological, organic, sustainable, recycled and social & fair. Together with its retail and commercial providers, FROSCHking would like to contribute so his contribution the vision of a balance of consumer and market economy with ecology and socially just acting for the realization. That not the joy should be lost here on high-quality products and conscious consumption out of sight for FROSCHking of course. In addition to close cooperation with the party, a community-based monitoring element ensures the black frogs, the actual sustainability of the product range. Users have also the possibility to express themselves by means of comments and the green frogs positively about products and providers. This is complemented by the okommunity as an integrated social network for all registered users. Medium-term aim of the company is in the best sense of the word sustainable, to establish as innovative, customer-friendly and authentic marketplace and thus in the long run to earn a market leader position.

The entire project is originated from the common idea of friends who pooled your individual skills to create a new green marketplace. From this arose the founding of the eponymous FROSCHking Internet GmbH, headquartered in the heart of Berlin in November 2012 finally. In the subsequent months intensive conceptual and technical Preparatory measures as well as numerous trade fair visits. Since before the recent successful launch of, the multicultural team is constant in the marketplace in many aspects to improve. The integration of additional payment options, the consistent expansion of the okommunity and the steady enlargement of the product range are only some of the points to miraculous. The company slogan is: FROSCHking sustainable design your life

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