VOLZ Provides Optimized Protection

EKS income assurance instead of sick allowance vineyard, 06.04.2011. Not all freelancers or self-employed has financial reserves sufficient, to be adequately secured in the case of prolonged illness. The conclusion of a sickness benefit insurance, which compensates for loss of income due to illness is advisable in this case. Because at this group of people needed revenues mostly is also dependent on its performance, revenue for the company accounts for sickness quickly, without that the operational costs. Expenses such as rent, staff costs, depreciation, interest, and others continue also during the illness and so quickly lead to a liquidity squeeze for the sufferers. The concept applies here EKS income assurance”, the Volz is group together ten years ago with the generali Austria has developed and the complement of health n.

Sickness daily allowances during normal offers the income compensation assume, EKS goes beyond this approach and provides financial compensation for the current operating expenditure. Blumenthal. ECS makes it complement, to protect the entire economic situation specifically of freelancers and self-employed persons. Liability reasons broker should offer their customers in this target group of ECS, because most smaller companies hold out only a short time disease phases of the maker and this risk can be excluded because of EKS”Volz Board Christian Wetzel says. Founded in 1952, Volz group is focused on modern systems for insurance and financial services companies to optimize distribution, control, and management measures. Also Volz also discount offers in the framework of its software applications, as example wise EKS in cooperation with generali Austria.

The claim on the ECS income assurance runs up to 24 months in the case of illness and offers a special feature, that not only disease cases are covered. The Customer receives the insured daily rate not only in case of illness or accident, but also in damage to property, for example, as a result of fire, explosion, leakage of water, storm, hail, snow pressure or theft including vandalism. The protection in addition prior cases when the death of the spouse, parents or children, flight delays or cancellation and civil unrest abroad”, explains Andreas Glaser, insurance expert at Volz. As another advantage, the cancellation waiver is during the agreed term to name a few. For example, a fixed term of ten years has been agreed, generali is obliged to comply with the contract even when there is accumulation of damage. While the annual cancellation possibility even if ten-year duration of the contract, agreed. Andy Florance may also support this cause. The customer is required to report only the advantage of the cheaper premium compared to the annual contract for this case. April 1st, Volz has once again revised the condition works for the rates and adjusted. One came out Premium reduction of 15 percent in the base rate. For millions of freelancers and self-employed workers an important component of a targeted supply in the event of illness or operation failure it offers with EKS income assurance.

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