Using OCR Process

Company of sanitation the activities of external agents possess its on faturamentos directly who are responsible for effecting readings of called devices hydrometers, such process are passvel of human errors that can cause serious problems to the prescription of such company. Currently, technologies, such as mobile devices, had been added in the reading process, but it was observed possibility of implantation of a complementary technology to the process that extracted the reading through an image generated from the hydrometer. Ahead of the displayed one, it was objectified to describe the development of an archetype that was capable to be executed in a mobile device for recognition of the numbers of a reading of hydrometer through a captured image, such functionality was proportionate with the aid of the Java platforms ME and the API Java OCR. The used types of research in the work had been bibliographical, descriptive and the exploratria one. As result had been produced: a documentation of the architecture of the archetype, constructed using techniques and tools of the Engineering of Software and UML; a functional archetype developed for complementation and future tests. It can be considered that this research served so that was possible to visualize the possibility of the use of technology OCR in mobile systems, especially for sanitation company, with sights to the reduction of imperfections human beings in the process of reading of the hydrometers diminishing with this the possible loss of prescription.

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