Bases Law

As those biweekly meeting and seminaries were beneficial, searching if to argue and to debate the subjects it stops to find new routes, better ways and forms to lecionar the religious education; it disciplines of so great complexity and difficult administration, mainly to the adult people, for the fact of being endorsed at the time, for the article 7 of the Law 5,692 of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, that compelled the schools to offer, but authorized to the pupils () to participate. Today, supported Law 9,394 of 20 of December of 1996 and later for Law 9,475/97, that it modified article 33 of the LDB, starting to be knowledge area, having as base Sciences of the Religion, working with this innovation, the Religious Phenomenon? ' ' Sagrado' '. It disciplines, that old, if it could not attribute notes of ' ' 0,0' ' ' ' 10,0' ' , according to legislation of the time, fact that, for some professors, contribua to make it difficult the control of the pupils, a time that, this authorized age to participate of the lessons, and not to have no obligation to study to be evaluated? that, thus thinking, they were run away from the room. From there to understand, that the valuation of notes was what it made to prevent the evasion. in the reality, was evidenced the cited evasion in the lessons of some professors. Reason for which contribua for some organizadores of the schedules you discipline of them of study, disciplines to incase them supported for the article 7, generally in initial or final schedules, for the simple fact not to have note. To believe, to have firmness in what it is giving, developing a differentiated work, this age what it gave security to say to it, that it made question disciplines to call it of ' ' education crist' ' with all chair. Giving the lessons, with respect to all the religious creeds, bringing for the debate in social matter, classroom, ambient, familiar, world-wide situation of violence in against sense to the human rights, etc., bringing to baila, as biweekly subject, considered for the management of the religious education, the existenciais atualidades of life, developing a work with deep respect to the sacred one. Without running away from the planejamentos and orientaes, it looked for to develop a work, that it hugs

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