Broadband United Strengthens Management

Dr. Dieter Finke is Managing Director of broadband United Ebermannstadt, June 23, 2010. Since 01.06.2010, Dr. Dieter United Finke strengthens leadership team of broadband. As CEO, he is responsible for sales and investor contacts. Managing Director Georg Herrmann is responsible for technology and manufacturing. United Finke came to broadband Dieter from his consulting firm founded in 2003 Dr. Finke management consulting.

Concentrated among others on consulting services for companies in the areas of broadband and media networks. Previously he had in Hanover of LambdNet communications as a Start-Up company in 1999 founded and expanded into a European network operators. Under the guidance of Dieter Finke LambdNet established himself as a Germany-wide transport network operator and provided carrier-class services for large enterprises, network operators and Internet service providers. From 1994 to 1999, Finke Dieter led different corporate divisions and subsidiaries of Vebacom. At first he was for planning, development and marketing of the first German fibre-optic transport network by Vebacom responsible. In 1997 he was in addition the establishment of voice and data networks of Vebacom subsidiary communications in 1998 he took over the management of the local DSL operator HanseNet transport network company (HTG), a joint venture and Hanse-NET.

After graduating in electrical engineering at the University of Hannover and the promotion of optical transmitter signal behavior, Dieter worked Finke from 1986 to 1994 in strategic marketing and product management of Philips communications industry (PKI). Here he was, inter alia, the introduction of new fiber optic technologies for transport networks. These included the world’s first field tests with the SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) technology in Spain and Australia. Broadband United is successful on the market with the first IFC products. The systems of the IFC interconnect product line to improve range and data rate of DSL”, Finke says Dieter. DSL is a growth market of broadband will benefit United. My main task in It is the coming months, United to build quickly more sales and investor contacts for broadband.” About broadband United broadband United GmbH (BroadU) improve solutions developed the transmission properties of existing copper lines in the subscriber access network. All solutions of BroadU are based on the interference cancellation technology (IFC). BroadU IFC has developed together with the Vierling Communications GmbH, Ebermannstadt, Department of information transmission, Erlangen, and other partners. With IFC products, supporting speech impediments can be significantly reduce on telephone cables. DSL signals, this allows more coverage and transmission rate as well as a significantly higher occupancy of cable and stability up to 100 percent. More information:.

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